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Does this schedule seem like too much?

  1. Jul 29, 2012 #1
    Looks like I'll be doing 16 credits hours this semester. I took Calc 2 this summer but unfortunately I didn't get the grade to receive a transfer credit, but I was close. These are the classes I'm taking.

    Calc-Based Physics I (5 credits hours)
    Organic Chemistry w/ Lab (4 credits hours)
    Calculus 2(4 credits hours)
    Engineering Problem Solving and Programming(3 credits hours)

    What do you guys think?? Doable? I'm sure there are others here who've had way harder.
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    I think so. You've already taken Calc 2, so it won't be like learning it for the first time, which will make that class much easier. If you've nervous about the workload, just make sure to prioritize and manage your time well. I've always found that doing as much of the homework as possible on the day it was assigned makes things flow a lot better, so you're not scrambling to get things done on the due date.
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    These types of questions are very hard to answer because your ability to cope with the workload is a function of a few VERY important variables

    1) Your ability to cope with pressure
    2) How much time your generally willing to spend
    3) How comfortable you are with the material.

    For example, a person who is familiar with mathematics can take a heavy workload in math classes because he has the foundations in check and that means everything else will come easier and faster. But a person who is not familiar with mathematics should definitely not take the same load.

    You took calculus II, so your time sinks will be organic chem, physics I, & engineering problem solving.

    It looks like a reasonable workload, but I can't say with certainty-- that differs from person to person.
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