What is Schedule: Definition and 147 Discussions

A schedule or a timetable, as a basic time-management tool, consists of a list of times at which possible tasks, events, or actions are intended to take place, or of a sequence of events in the chronological order in which such things are intended to take place. The process of creating a schedule — deciding how to order these tasks and how to commit resources between the variety of possible tasks — is called scheduling, and a person responsible for making a particular schedule may be called a scheduler. Making and following schedules is an ancient human activity.Some scenarios associate "this kind of planning" with learning "life skills".
Schedules are necessary, or at least useful, in situations where individuals need to know what time they must be at a specific location to receive a specific service, and where people need to accomplish a set of goals within a set time period.
Schedules can usefully span both short periods, such as a daily or weekly schedule, and long-term planning with respect to periods of several months or years. They are often made using a calendar, where the person making the schedule can note the dates and times at which various events are planned to occur. Schedules that do not set forth specific times for events to occur may instead list algorithmically an expected order in which events either can or must take place.
In some situations, schedules can be uncertain, such as where the conduct of daily life relies on environmental factors outside human control. People who are vacationing or otherwise seeking to reduce stress and achieve relaxation may intentionally avoid having a schedule for a certain period of time.

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  1. WDS3FR

    Suggestion What is the Ban Point System for Posting Personal Math Theories?

    Is there any documentation of the ban point system
  2. T

    Studying Critique My Self-Study Schedule (Signal Processing & RF Electronics)

    Hello everybody. I have already graduated I am currently in training at work which I am required to finish intensive courses. So I will start when it's completed. My interests are in Signal Processing & RF Electronics which you could tell by the study plan I created. I will be taking a slow...
  3. C

    Optimal study schedule for physics and math major

    I have read online that the optimal amount of time to study for is 30 minutes followed by a 10 minute break and repeat. Dose anybody else please know of a good study schedule? Many thanks!
  4. FactChecker

    I Have you seen the JWST Observing Schedule?

    I thought this might be interesting. It is the JWST Observing Schedule
  5. T

    Studying Help How do I raise my GPA? I have a full schedule with hard classes

    Considering I barely passed summer semester with embarassingly terrible grades (which was only 2 months long and exams are on campus and were binary multiple choice question meaning no partial grades so you either know it or you don't and there is no close in science) are as follows: Course...
  6. J

    Other Can I Take Online Classes with a Busy Schedule?

    May be a dumb question, but I know very little about online classes. My main question is, and I assume it does vary depending on a number of factors, but in general, is it possible to complete online classes while working a full time job with sometimes up to 80 hours a week or more. For...
  7. KareemKhaled

    Studying Hi everyone.... I want to know your opinion in this schedule

    Hi, I was published a post few days ago go and read it : here and I have set a schedule to solve my issue. I want to know your opinion and what is your suggestions ♥
  8. V

    Courses Is it Worth Retaking a "C" in Differential Equations?

    I got a C last semester in elementary differential equations. It was an online class using ProctorU and I always had technical difficulties, so while my homework category was a 95% my test category was around a 60%. I am a spring-semester sophomore right now and my GPA is 3.611. If I retake...
  9. P

    Studying IPHO mechanics study schedule suggestion

    It's 13 week plan. I need your feedback to improve it
  10. opus

    What’s everyone’s Spring schedule?

    The break is nice but looking to get back into it. What’s everyone taking? Physics I Intro to Arduinos Calculus II Chemistry II
  11. R

    MHB How many ways can the captain arrage her schedule?

    Captain Jane Way is a charter plane pilot and has trips scheduled to Seattle,Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Portland, Omaha, Miami, Honolulu, Arlington, Los Angeles, and Chicago. How many ways can the captain arrage her schedule?
  12. Awningguru

    Strength of Schedule 40 steel pipe

    Help I manufacture and install shade sails, typically using sched 40 steel pipe as the posts on the corners. Most pipe information displays the strength from pressure from the inside, but my real world application is to take a pipe, let's say 14' long, dig a 4' x 16" hole, and bury the pipe...
  13. G

    Schools Is this too many classes for one college semester

    Fashion Art Techniques I The Science of Light and Color Introduction to the Fashion Industry History of the United States I Introductory Algebra GLBTQ Literature children's literature Foundations of Education Child Psychology and Development
  14. jamalkoiyess

    Studying Can I Learn Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity on My Own?

    Hello PF, I am currently a physics-math junior and I was looking for advice on a small schedule that I am organizing for self-study. Our curriculum for undergraduate physics doesn’t include General Relativity nor approaches relativistic quantum mechanics. I am planning on continuing in...
  15. DJones

    Question about what schedule pipe I should use for slackline

    HI All, I'm currently working on getting some anchors built for a slackline. These will be in ground and have removeable pipes to be hidden when not in use. I talked to my father who was an engineer for the better part of 40 years to get an initial design and parts list. I've posted what he...
  16. T

    Schools How seriously will colleges take non-AP classes?

    Hi everyone, just a quick question about college applications. I'm in a STEM program at a public school, and some of the classes that I take are weighted as AP even though they are not official AP classes. Some people that I've talked to have seemed to disregard these as just the school being...
  17. M

    Physics Physics job with flexible schedule?

    I was wondering what physics-major-based job has a flexible time commitment and schedule -- I want to be able to have a job where I can be financially stable and also love what I do - aka physics - but also be able to go out and have fun with my friends if they want to have an impromptu skiing...
  18. SteveManPhy076

    Create a Study Schedule for Sophomore Year

    My sophomore year is going to be really difficult My classes are Accelerated Algebra II Honors English 10 German II Biology I A.P. U.S. History Physics I I'm trying to brace for the worst and brainstorm an after school schedule I have to get up at about 5:45 and I get home around 14:45 So...
  19. G

    Studying Fall 2016 Schedule: Organic Chem 1, Gen Bio 1, Calc 1 & Effective Speech

    I have a question. Does this schedule look heavy or easy to handle? Organic Chemistry 1 Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15 Tuesday lab: 1:00-4:50 General Biology 1 ( not sure, because I won't take it unless it will be useful for General biochemistry) Monday and Wednesday 3:00- 4:15 and Monday...
  20. John Jacke

    Courses Junior Chem Eng: Is Taking 5 Courses Possible?

    I'm about to be a junior in chemical engineering. I've passed all my calculus/ODE and general physics/chem courses. The most intense schedule I've taken at once was calculus 3, ODE, and general physics 2 (introductory E/M at my school) with a lab component. I did very well in each course and...
  21. B

    Schools Navigating a Busy College Schedule: My Experience and Tips

    Hey guys, I have something to say, is not a question, i just want some guidelines about me college experience. Here is some background info: Currently, i am working 40 hours a week (Monday-Friday) and lectures in college at night (Electric Engineering), 18 hours a week with 4 subjects...
  22. MegaAmpharos

    Courses Is taking AP Chem and both Physics C's a good idea?

    I got accepted into my states's residential high school and am going there next year for my junior and senior years. For my junior year I am doing: AP English Lang AP US History AP Calc BC AP Chemistry AP Physics C M and EM (combined) AP Comp Sci I am taking these courses to satisfy prereqs...
  23. victorhugo

    Student in need of advice on sleep schedule

    I just thought, who better to ask than those who have been through this phase and deal with students on a regular basis? Anyway, I'm just a lot more creative and productive at night, but need to get up at 8AM for school. How do I get enough sleep so that I'm not a sleep deprived zombie after a...
  24. victorhugo

    Studying Need help finding an ok sleep schedule while in school

    I'm in my last year of school. I am more productive late at night, and i feel depressed/trapped if i try to force myself to sleep early. So i thought of 2 different ways that will allow me to work late at night and get at minimum 8h sleep a day: Get home from school at 3pm, sleep until 6, work...
  25. G

    Fall 2016 Schedule: Preparing to Transfer for Fall 2017

    I know it's really early in the year, but I want to have some opinion of my POTENTIAL fall 2016 schedule. No harsh comments.Taking calc 1 over the summer. I've been preparing since of December as I've been practicing my algebra skills. I'm taking Precalc this semester! There will be two...
  26. Ranendon

    Creating a College Routine: Balancing Lectures and Homework

    What is your daily schedule like? How many hours you spend on lectures, and how many hours you spend doing homework? How much do you study during weekends? Do you have "summer-break" like in high school, if so how long? Thank you.
  27. W

    How can I determine if my course load is manageable?

    Sets and Logic Introduction to Modern Physics Mechanics 1 Theory of Knowledge Introduction to Biological Anthropology
  28. TTM2025

    Can I Handle This Rigorous Course Load with a Part-Time Job?

    Hello everyone. I wanted to seek some advice on whether my schedule is good or is it too packed. I also work 30 hours a week. Spring 2016 University Physics 3 w/ lab (4 credits) Mathematical Methods in Physics 1 (3 credits) Modern Differential Equations (3 credits) General Chemistry 1 w/...
  29. L

    Am I setting myself up for failure with this schedule?

    I'm trying to double major but I fell behind taking pre med bio classes so I may need to overload this next semester Freshman/sophmore level physics classes 1. This course covers the topics of: electromagnetic waves, optics, and modern physics, condensed matter and nuclear physics. 2. The...
  30. art sanchez

    I can get my B.S. in Physics in 2 years w/ this Schedule....

    I transferred into my school's physics program with all my core curriculum done, so I only have to take physics and math courses to finish my degree at this point. The physics program at my school is pretty small so pretty much all courses are only offered in either the fall or spring, and there...
  31. Lagraaaange

    Schedule for Senior Fall semester? Advice?

    Taking: 1.Thermal Physics 2. Modern Physics 3. Advanced Lab now the big question 4. Computational Physics/PDEs/or independent studies (research)?
  32. PhysicsKid0123

    I need advice on upcoming course schedule

    So I really have a few questions. First, is it wise to take the following classes in the same semester? Quantum Mechanics I - At the level of Griffiths' Intro to Quantum Mechanics, chapters 1-5ish Classical Dynamics - At the level of Thorton and Marion, Chapters 1-12, ends with coupled...
  33. Greg Bernhardt

    Post your 2015 fall class schedule

    Summer vacation is quickly wrapping up :nb) Time to post your 2015 fall class schedule and share with us what you're taking. Also post when your first day back is :smile:
  34. 95Tesla

    Is my Fall Schedule too Difficult?

    I'll be starting my junior year this coming fall, and I want to know what people think about my intended schedule. Quantum Mechanics I (3 cr.) Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism (3 cr.) Wave Motion and Optics Lab with Writing (4 cr.) Numerical Mathematical Analysis (3 cr.) Exploration...
  35. Lagraaaange

    Schools Is my schedule "lightweight"? Hurt me for Grad School?

    < Mentor Note -- two similar threads by the OP merged into one > Senior. Thermal Physics, Nuclear Physics, Lab class = 10 credits. Debating to take either: PDEs, Vector Analysis, Mathematica class, but I hear Thermal is hard and I want to ace all my upper level courses. I'm also working 20 hrs...
  36. B

    Which Graduate Course Should I Take Next Fall?

    So, for next fall I was thinking of taking: 1) GR 2) E and M 1 3) Abstract Algebra 1 4) not sure I was thinking of taking either graduate quantum or taking graduate E and M instead of the undergrad version and instead take a second math course. Now, I have taken undergrad quantum, but I was...
  37. Finesagan

    Would you say my course-load is overwhelming?

    Hello I am going to be a Sophomore in the upcoming fall semester. For the past couple of days I have been trying to decide if I should take another math class next semester. I am passionate about both math and physics so the lack of humanities does not bother me and honestly I am happier in the...
  38. MidgetDwarf

    Would this course schedule result in low grades?

    I am finishing my requirements for transfer at the local cc to a university as a math major. My course schedule for fall. Calculus 3 (Multi Variable) PHYSICS 102 (electricity and magnetism/ freshman EM ?) Intro Differential Equations. The problems is that the two 2 teachers for Calculus 3...
  39. MidgetDwarf

    Fall Class Schedule: Can I Handle 3 Hard Classes Plus Work?

    Not sure if this is a feasible schedule.for fall. Our fall semester is 14 weeks. Cal 3 (multivariable). I am taking this one with a hard professor (had her for 2 other classess/lots of work) Physics 102 (introduction to electricity and magnetism) again hard professor and I am average at...
  40. QuantumCurt

    Complex before real analysis? How's my fall schedule look?

    Hey everyone, I'm transferring into UIUC this fall, and I just registered for my classes earlier today. I'm completing dual degrees in physics and math. I've completed the introductory physics sequence, and the introductory calculus sequence, plus a 200 level introductory differential equations...
  41. I

    Studying Independently in High School - How Much Time?

    Hi, I'm currently in high-school and looking to study independently, but am unsure how long I should spend doing this a week. Currently I spend about 35 hours in school per week (9 till 4, Mon to Fri) with about an hour of travel time. Of this time in school about 23 hours is spent in lessons. I...
  42. grandpa2390

    How Should I Schedule these classes?

    I actually switched to physics late in my career, so my general studies and all is pretty much complete. All I have left is: 7 hours General Electives (6 if they count the unneeded 1 hour science lab i took with the required biology ) 3 hours of Undergraduate Research (But they offer a 2...
  43. Charles Stark

    Class Schedule Opinions: Comparing Option I & II

    I honestly am split down the middle on which class schedule to choose for the upcoming semester. I feel like both would prepare me for grad school with option II a little bit more but both are equal in my eyes. Just wanted to get some opinions on what you might think. Option I: -Intro to Graph...
  44. Joshua L

    The Top Undergraduate Math Courses for Physics

    Hey all, I am currently a freshman double majoring in Physics and Math at Purdue University. I have been recently creating a schedule that orders all of the courses I need to take and those that I want to take for the rest of my undergraduate endeavors. I know that it's rather early to do...
  45. Joshua L

    Is a Mathematical Physics course enough?

    I am majoring in Physics and Math at Purdue University. For the physics requirements, I need to take two Mathematical Methods of Physics courses. Below are the catalog entries for the two courses. Mathematical Methods of Physics I Discussion of wide-ranging physics problems from mechanics...
  46. Joshua L

    My Physics Course Schedule I need much help please

    I am currently a freshman at Purdue University. Recently, I've just switched from First Year Engineering to the College of Science so that I may double major in Physics and Mathematics. I've taken the liberty to concoct a 4 year schedule that I will take. (As of right now, I plan on getting a...
  47. N

    Load strength of schedule 40 1 1/2 in pipe

    I am attempting to create a "lever" to lift the front of a 14ft 85lb Kayak up 7ft, then manually slide the Kayak to a rail, and then use the lever to lift the back of the kayak to another 7ft high rail on a truck. I decided to attempt this with PVC sections, creating an "L" the vertical shaft...
  48. sheldonrocks97

    Is this a Good Spring Schedule?

    Hello everyone, I am currently picking my classes for spring semester. This is currently my second semester at university and I am a dual major of EE and Math. Here is my schedule: MATE 202-01 4 Materials Engineering I w/ Lab (I need this for an engineering elective and this is what I chose)...
  49. sheldonrocks97

    Is this Spring Schedule Too Difficult?

    Hello everyone, I am currently picking my classes for spring semester. This is currently my second semester at university and I am a dual major of EE and Math. Here is my schedule: ES 332-02 3 Electrical Engineering (Essentially Circuits I) ENGL 311-01 3 Creative Writing MATH 352-01...
  50. I

    Optimizing Course Load for UT Austin Transfer: Diff EQ, Calc 3, and German 2

    Planning on transferring to UT Austin next fall to study MechE. Currently have a 4.0 (Calc 2, German 1, Gen Phys 1) but I'm worried that my schedule for next semester would be too much and tank my GPA. Am I trying to take too much? Spring: German 2 (have to take to complete language...