Dont know what to do, not having fun with my current path

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    Hi, i know i've posted similar threads before but here it goes:

    im a second year university student studying biochemistry. Now in theory its ok, and some of the courses are fun but i have no passion for studying biochemistry. i thought organic chemistry would cheer me up but its pretty dull as well (not as bad as inorganic). the only course i look forward to is spectroscopy, which is a physical chemistry class.

    Now i want to make the switch into physics but the only things that are holding me back are:
    1. i initially had the intent to attend medical school. i dont know if it will be better once (if) i get in. i can still apply with a physics degree, but i doubt my average vs me applying with a biochemistry degree.
    2. in first year, i did bad in physics and math. granted i did pretty bad in all my courses but im still not sure if it was because i didnt do the work, or maybe if it was in fact challenging. and i know first year physics/math is a joke compared to upper level courses
    3. if i dont get into medical school, a biochem degree is easier to work with in terms of employability (biotech firms are booming, lots of money in it). i highly doubt i can do much with a bachelors in physics

    my plan was to initially take a couple of physics courses in my summer off to see how i like it but if i do end up doing badly, it messes up my gpa for medical school, so i dont know what to do!
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    All my BS biochem friends are working retail or in med school. The entry level degree for biotech is at least a MS, often PhD, and they don't hire biochemists as much as straight chemists and chemical engineers.
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