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Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement; boisterous joviality or merrymaking; entertainment". Although particularly associated with recreation and play, it may be encountered during working time.

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  1. Mr B Jones

    What is the Purpose of Science and How Can We Enjoy It?

    I'm here to learn and have fun.
  2. DaveC426913

    Help Settle Dad Dispute: Boo's vs. Yay's?

    Help me settle a disagreement between dads. Which tracks better? Why is it called Boo's? Shouldn't it be called Yay's?Why is it called Booze? Shouldn't it be called Yayze? Follow-up questions: Is it funnier with our without the pic? Does it change which option is better?
  3. Borg

    What's Your Funniest ChatGPT Interaction?

    What are some of the more amusing things that you've done with ChatGPT? Post your conversations here. Here's a prompt that I ran across in a YouTube video on GPT: Write a tweet about iPhones but do it like you are Quentin Tarantino dehydrated in a desert. "Lost in the desert with no water...
  4. D

    I Just for fun: treadmill air conditioner efficiency calculation

    What approximate portion of generated heat from being active on the treadmill, both the person on it as well as the machines themselves would be compensated/cooled if the treadmill resistances would be disabled/removed and instead 1/2 end cylinders would be connected to an air conditioner...
  5. G

    Building a Safe and Efficient Induction Heater Circuit: Tips and Tricks

    If you have not built an induction heater yet it is a fun project. Build the small circuit with 6 yellow capacitors first. Induction heater is a fun project. I built a small induction heater then I wanted a more powerful one. A small unit is so simple you can build it in about 2 hours work...
  6. BWV

    Music Exploring Quantum Entanglement Through Music

    Explain quantum entanglement in a metal song: Verse 1: In the world of the small Where particles are all A strange phenomenon occurs It's called entanglement, hear our words Chorus: Quantum entanglement, oh so strange A connection across space Spooky action at a distance A paradox we...
  7. CPW

    Intermediate Axis Theorem.... fun to learn it again with You Tube

    A friend of mine shared a YouTube video with me, saying he was sure I would love it. He described it as very strange with a rotating wingnut in the space station flipping over on its rotation axis, over and over, while it spun rapidly. After watching the video, I verified I was taught the...
  8. neilparker62

    B Just for fun: Cubic Graph Plot

    Desmos.com is a great online graphing utility which I'm sure is familiar to many PF users. I wanted to experiment with the Newton-Raphson method using it so chose solution of cubic graphs as an example. The graph shows a variable cubic on which all turning points and intercepts are calculated...
  9. L

    A fun, engaging and visual way of showing laminar flow for young kids

    I have been tasked by my fluid dynamics professor to create a 3 minute video showing and explaining laminar flow vs turbulant flow. It must be engaging and explain the concepts simply enough with no math. I will be re-writting this definition below to suite the needs ""Laminar flow occurs...
  10. jtbell

    Mini road trip: fall festival fun

    On Saturday, I took advantage of a crisp sunny day to visit two festivals in small towns a couple of hours' drive from home. Stop 1 My first stop was at the Central Railroad Festival in the town of Central, which is nowhere near the center of South Carolina. It's way up in the northwest corner...
  11. W

    I Just for fun: math brain teaser

    My answer looks like this (translating from my pen+paper notepad): a+b = a+a*b 1+1*4=5 2+2*5=12 3+3*6=21 8+8*11=96 my friend got 40, which I can also see. I am not sure who is correct. Please let me know and let’s put our heads together and have fun.
  12. Flash27

    I Building a Linear Induction Motor | Tips & Tricks

    I am currently trying to create a linear induction motor for fun and am having some trouble getting it to start oscillating or move at all. I am using this video as a reference... I am using 3D printed PLA as the structure for the copper to wind around, 26 GA Craftware USA copper wire, 5/8"...
  13. Frabjous

    I Probability fun time: Proof that 1/3=1/2=1/4

    Forgive me, I am not a probability guy, so I am unsure how well known this is. I was trying to figure something out and found this. I found it cool. Here's the explanation. The first solution is a fraction (damn scanner!) Oops! From Kendall Geometrical Probability (1963)
  14. Hamiltonian

    Studying I making math problem solving fun (for me)

    I love physics and I know it's quite hypocritical to say that I don't enjoy math that much. I started studying classical mechanics at the beginning of the previous year, all problems were amazingly fun to solve and could be related to the real world very easily, obviously, I had to get a good...
  15. jim mcnamara

    Full moon names: somewhat bogus but fun.

    Happy Snow Moon - whatever that is. Why? Have you noticed the plethora of "moon names" we are bombarded with - usually applied to the full moon? As an example these names are asserted to be "Native American" names for 12 months https://www.almanac.com/full-moon-names Re: the list above --...
  16. anorlunda

    Photo Fun During COVID Boredom

    I discovered something really fun, that I would like to share. I bought a cheap ($30) digital photo album. It is cheap because it has no memory, just a USB port for a thumb drive. I also have more than 29 thousand pictures in my folders, some on the hard disk, some in the cloud. I even...
  17. R

    B Is multivariable calculus fun?

    I've been studying calculus A and B on and off over the last ten years, and I'm starting to learn calculus again for fun as soon as I can get my hands on a textbook. I was wondering if multivariable calc is as fun as A and B have been so far.
  18. davidbenari

    A Which condensed matter experiment PhD group is the most fun?

    This is going to be controversial and might even be taken down, but I think what I will say is absolutely true, and I'm sorry if it offends people. I'm applying for the second time to condensed matter PhDs. I was in a group that did a lot of device fabrication as part of their experiments and...
  19. P

    I Can You Solve the $$\sqrt {car}=37$$ Puzzle?

    There is a precise sense in which it is correct to say: $$\sqrt {car}=37$$ The puzzle is to figure out in what sense this is true. [What made this so exciting for her is that 37 is her favorite number, and that she was obsessed with car models at the time].
  20. sophiecentaur

    I Gravity: A Fun Look - Any Bloopers?

    I don't know what the general opinion will be of this presentation. It seems ok to me but are there any enormous bloopers in it? (If there are, then the level is wrong and I apologise)
  21. michaelwright

    B Fun with (im)probabilities

    Hi folks - I need some help with a tricky probability. Here's the situation: Let's say there are 4M internet users in Age Group A. (The total set) Of those 4M, there are 1,000 users who play a specific sport. Those 1,000 are spread evenly over 125 teams, so 8 players each. 1. What's the...
  22. C

    MHB Function's Fun f(x^2−2016x)=f(x)⋅x+2016

    f(x^2*2016x) = f(x)x+2016 Then f(2017) = ?
  23. E

    Classical Suggestions for fun problem-solving type books

    I was just looking to see if anyone knew of a book pitched at the pre-university to undergrad level which contains slightly more unconventional Physics/Maths problems, but is not as formal as some of the old warhorses like Irodov. Something similar to what I'm looking for would be Professor...
  24. bagasme

    Giro Fun Run: Fight for Pink Dreaming Adventure!

    Hello all, Last two nights from the time I write this thread, I had dreamed about Giro Fun Run. Story: I opened my phone and one of my friend informed that there was a fun run event entitled Giro Fun Run, with its theme was Fight for Pink (similar to Giro d'Italia's slogan until 2016). I...
  25. B

    A I need some fun questions with answers in differential geometry ()

    I am throwing a bachelor party for my brother, who is currently getting his PhD in Math at columbia, and as you might expect, he is not very much of a party animal. I want to throw him a party he’ll enjoy, so I came up with scavenger hunt in the woods, where every step in the scavenger hunt is a...
  26. D

    I Counting Corners on a Moving Grid: Exploring a Fun Mathematical Problem

    Summary: interesting counting problem for fun Imagine we draw a circle with diameter d and mark off sixty equal intervals like minutes on a clock. Then we draw two diameters perpendicular to one another and divide each in sixty equal intervals. Using the intervals on the diagonals we lay out a...
  27. diogenesNY

    Naval Engineering 19-20c: Fun with numbers

    I have been reading the book _Able Seamen: The Lower Decks of the Royal Navy 1850-1939_ by Brian Lavery, Naval Institute Press 2011, and I came across an interesting paragraph regarding engine efficiency (and labor requirements) as steam began to replace sail. I reproduce the relevant...
  28. Navin

    Origin Story Of The First Proteins

    Now i had a question,but before that look at this. Now by the central dogma DNA is transcribed by RNA polymerase onto mRNA and this leads to translation which creates Protiens. But hold on...The polymerase itself is an enzyme ie ;a protein . So to make proteins...you need proteins aldredy...
  29. Thinkaholic

    B Something Fun I Stumbled Across

    Hi! I know all of you might know what I'm about to post, but I just discovered it for myself, and I want to share my enthusiasm. Let and (here, I'll be restricting the domain of f(x) to the positive real numbers.) Here is a graph of the two, with f(x) in blue and F(x) in black: 1st...
  30. Z

    B Googol and number naming scheme (Was: Just for fun)

    How come a 1 followed by 99 zeros isn't called a google and a 1 followed by 100 zeros 10 google?
  31. accelerandom

    Fun experiments to disprove Flat Earth

    Hi everyone, I work at a small high school that does one-on-one teaching with students who often have some kind of attention related learning difficulty or have trouble in a large classroom. The physics and chemistry courses I have been teaching have very inadequate lab sections and we have very...
  32. W

    MHB Whatzit? Number Fun - 144 / (1 + 4 + 4) = 1*4*4

    144 / (1 + 4 + 4) = 1*4*4 There is another 3digit number that works similarly: whatzit?
  33. A

    I Why does this concavity function not work for this polar fun

    For the polar equation 1/[√(sinθcosθ)] I found the slope of the graph by using the chain rule and found that dy/dx=−tan(θ) and the concavity d2y/dx2=2(tanθ)^3/2 This is a pretty messy derivative so I checked it with wolfram alpha and both functions are correct (but feel free to check in case...
  34. M

    Fun magnetics question with the Meissner Effect

    I was hoping I could get some help deriving a formula that shows how much current is needed to generate enough of a magnetic field to lift an X Newton mass L meters above a superconductor. ( Probably in centimeters but meters here for the sake of SI easiness ) I was helping one of my professors...
  35. E

    Super Fun Rollercoaster Problem

    Homework Statement A roller coaster car is going over the top of a 14-m-radius circular rise. At the top of the hill, the passengers "feel light," with an apparent weight only 60 % of their true weight. How fast is the rollar coaster going? My problem first is I am unsure where the normal...
  36. david2

    Who plays poker for fun or even seriously?

    I do. lets talk about it.:) mod.please fix my typo seriuosly
  37. Greg Bernhardt

    Google QuickDraw: A Fun and Impressive Party Game

    Now this is a fun way to burn a few minutes! Lots of laughs. Could be a fun party game. Also impressive in the end. You are tasked to draw an object and the Google AI guesses what it is. https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/
  38. BillTre

    Name Your Own Biology Finds - Fun with Biology!

    A nice thing about biology is that you might get to name things, which can have entertaining results. A recently described ankylosaur was named Zuul (after a ghostbuster monster) crurivastator (~ destroyer of shins).
  39. Dusty912

    Anyone here study quantum mechanics for fun?

    Just curious if any of you out there who have completely different fields study this topic just for the joy of it. It seems like you would have to be pretty motivated or extremely intelligent to master these concepts for leisure.
  40. dkotschessaa

    Other Software testing is actually fun Where to go from here?

    One of my longer posts. Please stay with me! Background: So as some of you know, for personal and financial reasons I had to leave school a bit early to get work and support my family. I was *almost* done anyway. I need only the qualifier for my master's (in pure math) and I was only taking...
  41. jtbell

    Fun with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work)

    In an earlier thread, I asked about email providers to use with my own domain name. I finally took the plunge and signed up for G Suite a couple of weeks ago. It went fairly smoothly overall. A few thing confused me at first. I'm still ironing out some kinks related to other Google services that...
  42. R

    Exploring the Fun of Alternate Realities: A Retrospective

    Does anyone else remember that? Humor really, and a sort of a piss take on Star trek. But fun fun fun, lots of explosions and stuff. People talking to their possible alternative selves and so on.
  43. EvilScientist

    Are You Creative? Test Your Creativity on TestMyCreativity.com

    Would you consider yourself creative? http://www.testmycreativity.com
  44. jedishrfu

    B Fun way of doing multiplication with intersecting lines

    Here's a fun way to do multiplication graphically that originated in Japan:
  45. zwierz

    A Classical Mechanics challenge for fun

    I composed a problem and propose it here. I know the solution so it just for fun of the participants. There is a cylindrical bobbin of radius ##r##; the bobbin rotates about its central axis with angular velocity ##\omega=const>0##. An inextensible weightless string is coiled around the...
  46. W

    Stargazing [just for fun] Planet Definition

    So I'm reading in the news and a group of scientists from the New Horizons missions appear to be reopening "The Pluto Debate" with yet another new definition of planet at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in March:rolleyes:. If accepted their definition of planet would increase the...
  47. I720I

    Copper Compounds: Fun Ideas for Amateurs

    I'm an amateur chemist, and due to some of my projects I have what I would consider an excess of copper powder. I'm just looking for some interesting or fun things to do with the copper. Note: I do not have access to a furnace.
  48. ChrisVer

    A Some fun (yet nice) questions on QFT

    I was looking through some problems on QFT, and I found these exercises: http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/tong/qft/oh4.pdf I was wondering about questions 9 and 10... Q9 : speaking I guess aftermatch ,why was there a factor of 2 wrong in the published result? To be honest I don't quiet understand...