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Fun is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "Light-hearted pleasure, enjoyment, or amusement; boisterous joviality or merrymaking; entertainment". Although particularly associated with recreation and play, it may be encountered during working time.

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  1. W

    I Just for fun: math brain teaser!

    My answer looks like this (translating from my pen+paper notepad): a+b = a+a*b 1+1*4=5 2+2*5=12 3+3*6=21 8+8*11=96 my friend got 40, which I can also see. I am not sure who is correct. Please let me know and let’s put our heads together and have fun.
  2. Flash27

    I Linear Induction Motor

    I am currently trying to create a linear induction motor for fun and am having some trouble getting it to start oscillating or move at all. I am using this video as a reference... I am using 3D printed PLA as the structure for the copper to wind around, 26 GA Craftware USA copper wire, 5/8"...
  3. Navin

    Origin Story Of The First Proteins

    Now i had a question,but before that look at this. Now by the central dogma DNA is transcribed by RNA polymerase onto mRNA and this leads to translation which creates Protiens. But hold on...The polymerase itself is an enzyme ie ;a protein . So to make need proteins aldredy...
  4. EvilScientist

    Are you creative?

    Would you consider yourself creative?
  5. W

    Current through a conductor with varying cross-sectional area

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I = nqVA J = E/ρ J = I/A The Attempt at a Solution The underlying assumption was that current was constant across all 3 bits of the conductor, and thus answer is b. The concept I can't grasp is this: Why is current constant? Shouldn't a smaller A mean...
  6. A

    Funny Things Said by Professors

    I wonder if anyone has some fun or interesting stories about their high school or university physics teachers. In my case there are several, and some of these teachers had tremendous reputations. These were actual professors of mine, so I know this is not apocryphal. Of course I will never...
  7. pac0master

    B Need help setting up a custom Graph

    Hey folks, I recently made a little equation and I would like to know if there's any way to plot it on a 2D graph. Problem is, there's multiple variables. so if anyone here can help me out that would be appreciated. Here's my formulas: S2 = (S1-(S1/10))/2x x= T2/(S1/20) T2= T1-(S1/10) S1 is...
  8. Bandersnatch

    Describe your work like you're a 6 year old

    Inspired by this SMBC comic: I can read things some people can't read so I read them and then write them again only now those people can read it. Now's your turn.
  9. E

    I Fun question: Can this fish swim?

    Imagine a fish in a tank that is completely filled with water and closed on all sides. Can this fish swim? Since water is extermely difficult to compress, when the fish moves its fin to propel itself forward, the water can't move anywhere, so the fish should not be able to move right? Then I...
  10. C

    In need of cool experiments for show called 'Quantum'

    Hello Everyone! My name's Christina and I work at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool... We have a show coming up in the main space at the beginning of July that's going to be performed by YEP (Young Everyman and Playhouse)... and hopefully it's going to be a love story about all things Physics-y...
  11. L

    Anybody here wanna play some chess?

    If so, I have an account on My username on that site is mulah_aprilclimate. If you're in the mood to play, please shoot me a PM and let me know you're from physicsforums! My US Chess Federation rating was between 1800 and 1900, but I haven't played in any tournaments in over a...
  12. R

    Uncertainty calculation

    Homework Statement My homework question says: the uncertainty in length 1 is +/- 0.1 and in length 2 is +/- 0.1 : calculate the percentage uncertainty in V where V L1-L2 is 30 Homework Equations V= (1/(L1-L2))^0.5 where L is the length[/B] The Attempt at a Solution So what I did was...
  13. E

    Egg catcher experiment

    Hello, I'm looking for any ideas that you geniuses may have! We have to design a device that will catch a (hardboiled) egg from 7 meters high. It can be made from any material/objects but must be under 5 cm tall (the sides can be as wide as wanted) and must be self-supporting. The device will...