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Double Major Astronomy & Biophysics

  1. Feb 17, 2014 #1
    I think I have finally decided I want to double major in Astronomy and Biophysics. There seems to be great overlap because most of it is just physics. I am a sophomore at UT Austin. Do you think this is a wise choice. I kind of just want to follow my interests rather than worry about future job prospects etc. Other topics of interest for me are astrobiology, space travel, evolutionary biology, etc. Or would it be better to just major in Astronomy and Physics?

    Thank you :)
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    Biophysics in particular may add the stress of fitting in extra biology classes and most likely organic chemistry along with all your physics and astronomy classes. Most of the areas where physics would be applied to biology, such as mathematical biology or computational biology(based on job postings I've read) draw mainly from traditional physics training.
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