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Double major in genetics/biochem

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    I'm ready to go to college and pursue a double major in genetics/biochem (mostly genetics though), but after I graduate I was thinking of what I could do and there was two options that I liked the most.
    1 - graduate school for Genomics/Bioinformatics
    2 - graduate school for Astrobiology.

    Now, astrobiology is a fairly new science, but it sounds interesting. I was wonder what were your thoughts on it (not particularly looking for advice, since I still havea long time ahead of me. just wanting to know what you guys thought about it).
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    In my opinion, astrobiology is highly speculative field and it is just a reason that many researchers used to study life in extreme environment. However, the research done is quite interresting if you a passion for microbial life.

    I know people that are looking at microbial diversity in the canadian high arctic. They are also working with NASA on some projects.
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