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Double major in psychology and physics?

  1. Sep 7, 2015 #1
    In the school I go to you have three options for a BsC degree:
    -1 specialist program
    -2 majors
    -1 major and 2 minors

    Physics and Psychology are the subjects I enjoy the most, but I often hear they are unrelated to each other (like putting a physical science and a life science together I think?). Can that be looked at in a positive way, or solely negative? I'm currently just starting my first-year courses.
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    Take the coursework necessary for two majors until you decide which one you like best. Then downgrade one to a minor.
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    I agree that they are pretty orthogonal fields of study and work. That means that you will have little class overlap between them, so you may have to take more classes than if your minor were more closely related to your major. I'm also having trouble visualizing what careers might be able to use your skills in both of those disciplines at the same time. There certainly could be some disciplines that I'm not thinking of, though. Have you been able to think of some career paths that you could pursue with this combination of skillsets, so that you can work in fields that you enjoy? :smile:
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    I was also thinking about maybe majoring in Physics still, but taking two minors over one major: a minor in astronomy and a minor in math. I mainly want to take courses related to my program because I feel there will be more opportunities for jobs that way, but I really like Psychology. It also may increase the chances of getting a job without needing further education.
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