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Engineering Double majoring in animal science and/or physics and engineering?

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    I have always had a love for animals (especially reptiles, I have 5 snakes) and animal science. Especially conservation. But I have also discovered that I have a love for physics and engineering. How many years of schooling are we talking here if I major in somekind of animal science (say, zoology) and/or physics and engineering? What kind of jobs could I get with these degrees? Maybe even a PhD? I'm a sophmore in highschool right now.

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    I'm probably not the best person to be answering this, but I'm kinda interested in this too. Engineering can be a difficult major and adding animal science to that could lead to a very stressful and busy schedule. That said I would imagine that such a combination would be very rewarding if that's where your passion lies. As for jobs: a mechanical/electrical engineer could probably find a niche in medicine, same goes for a chemical engineer, or if you went into computer science/engineering you could design software to track populations, run simulations, etc.
    just my two cents
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