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Double slit experiment

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    i would be interested in seeing dbl slit experiment done with different patterns. i.e. instead of slits circles or one slit one circle etc. has this been done
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    Why? You can do it in principle, I'm not sure it would be terribly useful though.
    There's a few simulated images for 2-slit diffraction rectangular and circular apertures here.
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    Some real pictures taken by me (not very good, but anyway), which you can compare with the simulations in the document Vagn posted above:


    From left to right:
    1. Laser through a thin cloth, which is similar to "Diffraction from a rectangular aperture".
    2. Laser through one pinhole (not perfect circles; the pinhole was done in cardboard), which is equivalent to "Diffraction from a circular aperture". There is a better picture of this at the top of this page: Diffraction (Wikipedia).
    3. Laser through two pinholes (again, not perfect circles), which is equivalent to "Diffraction from two circular apertures".
    4. The setup, from bottom to top: laser module, barrier (in this case, thin cloth), and a screen showing the pattern.

    And here's a clip from MIT describing the basic double slit experiment, including pictures of patterns from two pinholes, along with a description how to try it yourself:

    Thomas Young's Double Slit Experiment
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