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Dover Publications Math and Science Discount

  1. May 19, 2011 #1


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    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Dover redid their Math and Science section. It's only somewhat aesthetic, but it looks like they're trying to really get it going.


    They added a "Math and Science Club" which offers a 20% discount on anything in the Math and Science section, although you do sign up to receive a newsletter. I got the first one, but only skimmed it as I've been busy, so I'm not sure if it's worth reading yet.

    Here's the online link to the newsletter.

    I already have a few of their books, but got them from either half.com, amazon, or local bookstores. The discount makes it pretty comparable.

    FYI- I went through the proper channels and have no affiliation with Dover other than being a customer.
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  3. May 19, 2011 #2
    There are some serious gems to be had from Dover.
  4. May 20, 2011 #3


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    Yes, Dover has a lot of nice titles at wonderfully low prices.

    Wow, browsing around their web site I'm surprised to see that science and mathematics are just the tip of the iceberg:


    Also, I discovered that they have a series of hardback mathematics titles that I wasn't aware of at all:

    http://store.doverpublications.com/by-subject-science-and-mathematics-dover-phoenix-editions.html [Broken]

    I'm familiar mostly with their math titles. I'll list some of the ones I think are standouts among those I've read or skimmed. It would be great if others could list their favorites. I would be especially interested to see some recommendations for their best physics titles.

    - Jacobson, Basic Algebra I
    - Shilov, Linear Algebra
    - Gelfand, Lectures on Linear Algebra

    Fourier Analysis:
    - Tolstov, Fourier Series

    - Euclid's Elements

    - Heath, A History of Greek Mathematics

    Group Theory:
    -Scott, Group Theory

    Information Theory:
    - Ash, Information Theory

    Number Theory:
    - Dudley, Elementary Number Theory

    - Kolmogorov and Fomin, Introductory Real Analysis
    - Kolmogorov and Fomin, Elements of the Theory of Functions and Functional Analysis
    - Gelbaum, Counterexamples in Analysis
    - Flanigan, Complex Variables
    - Cartan, Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Complex Variables
    - Friedman, Foundations of Modern Analysis
    - Knopp, Infinite Sequences and Series
    - Edwards, The Riemann Zeta Function

    - Mendelson, Introduction to Topology
    - Willard, General Topology
    - Steen and Seebach, Counterexamples in Topology
    - Gemignani, Elementary Topology
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  6. May 20, 2011 #5
    On the Math End:
    Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations by Coddington
    Ordinary Differential Equations by Tenenbaum
    Elementary Number Theory by Dudley
    An Adventurer's Guide to Number Theory by Friedberg
    Galois Theory by Artin
    Introduction to Field Theory by Adamson
    Introduction to Topology by Mendelson
    Introduction to Topology by Gamelin

    On the Physics End:
    Introduction to Tensor Calculus, Relativity and Cosmology by Lawden
    Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers by Farlow
    Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Form by Jordan
    Group Theory: The Application to Quantum Mechanics by Mejier and Bauer
    Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Byron
    Theoretical Physics by Joos

    I own all of these (plus a few more that are not as good as these). Some of these are the cream of the crop in their subject, others are not quite as good as contemporary books but serve as great "back-up" to current books, and for people who can't afford modern books, a lot of these book are more than good enough to be used on their own.

    Love, love LOVE dover!
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