What is Publications: Definition and 48 Discussions

To publish is to make content available to the general public. While specific use of the term may vary among countries, it is usually applied to text, images, or other audio-visual content, including paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.). The word publication means the act of publishing, and also any printed copies issued for public distribution.

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  1. apostolosdt

    A Uncommon Publications: Feynman & Sommer-Hipple

    I read about the following publication, claiming to be the shortest ever: Sommer, Thomas, and Hipple, Phys. Rev. 80, 487 (1950). It made me recall another unsual paper by Feynman, containing only a single equation in its main text: and I wonder whether other people can recall analogous...
  2. mfb

    News US: Immediate free access to government-funded publications (2026+)

    Source memo News report - the link goes to an archived version in order to have free access (...) Apart from minor exceptions: If the research is at least partially funded by the US government, then from 2026 on publications have to be freely accessible without embargo period. This won't...
  3. pinball1970

    COVID publications from the PHE are now issued by the UKHSA

    Public Health England are being/are replaced by Health Security agency Latest publication below. Very similar format to PHE https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1023849/Vaccine_surveillance_report_-_week_40.pdf Vaccine uptake by age...
  4. F

    On titles of publications in earlier times

    Why did ancient publications so often start with 'on'? E.g. on the theory of... Why didn't they regard 'on' as redundant if all publications started with the same word, like emails starting with 'about' or 'on'?
  5. A

    History What are the most important physics publications in history?

    Summary:: What are the most important physics publications in history according to you? thanks in advance :)
  6. G

    Other Physics Publications (Christmas gift for Undergrad Physics student)

    Good Day, I am the parent of a first year undergraduate physics student and I was thinking of gifting him a Physics magazine subscription for Christmas but I've come across several (primarily Physics Today and Physics World). Is there one you would recommend in particular? Also we are in Canada...
  7. gonadas91

    I need a bit of help (thesis submitted, lack of publications)

    Hi all, I will try not to extend too much, but basically I have been in a horrible situation for the last months and I am starting to get a bit desperate/anxious. I submitted my PhD thesis on Theoretical Physics in December 2017, and since then, I have been unable to find a position anywhere...
  8. ohwilleke

    I Anomaly aggregation and confirming old paper validity

    The Particle Data Group keeps a running, subject matter organized summary of the state of the art experimental results for the experimentally measured properties of hadrons and measurements of fundamental physical constants that is updated at least annually. Is there any comparable group that...
  9. arivero

    Do Sci-Hub Downloads Correlate with Citations in INSPIRE-HEP Data?

    Only for papers in INSPIRE-HEP. Vertical axis are citations. Downloads measured during the six-month period from september 2015 to Feb 2016 (afaik no more recent data is available, is it?) excluding duplicate IPs of the same paper. stats "corr.txt" using 1:2 Linear Model: y = 1.782 x + 674.3...
  10. M

    Publications and Co-Author vs Second Author

    Hi PF! I am about to submit a publication, but as of now I think I am listed as second author (the only authors on this paper are my adviser and me). Is there a substantial difference between second author vs. co-author? Also, my adviser wrote the majority of the manuscript, though I wrote...
  11. S

    I Publications in Particle Physics

    Hello! I read several times that those at CERN observe a new particle with a precision of 3-3.5 sigma and overnight (more or less) hundreds of papers in theoretical physics appear explaining the role of that particle and all its physics implication and after a while CERN announces that there was...
  12. S

    Physics How critical is the number of publications?

    Hello, I am a second year PhD student. Recently I got rejected from a scholarship opportunity where candidates are judged on a 9.0 scale on three areas: 1) Academic Excellence 2) Leadership 3) Research Potential. In the results, I scored 6.5 in Academic Excellence and 4.5 in Leadership but a...
  13. M

    Admissions PhD Application -- Is Publication to Smaller Journals necessary?

    This summer I did some research and had positive results but my part contributed to a small portion of the big grant. My PI told me we could submit to some "side" journals to get publications but I am not sure if this is necessary because the admission committees will see my poster I created...
  14. Lagraaaange

    What programs do researchers use to make their publications?

    As far as the typing, data analysis, graphing, etc
  15. H

    Question for Professors - Students Reading Your Papers

    Questions for all the professors on this site: Have you ever been approached by an undergrad for a research position who has already read at least a few of your published works and has a very basic understanding of their contents? How does this student look in your eyes? Does it creep you out...
  16. T

    What are some good pedagogical QM papers?

    I did a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm a physics student studying QM at the graduate level. I'm aware that "nobody truly understands QM" but I'd like to get as much insight and intuition as possible. Textbooks are good for learning to solve problems and learning the...
  17. N

    Minimum requirements for international publications

    Hi, I'm just wondering what are the minimum requirements for an international publication/conference/proceedings. E.g. impact factor
  18. J

    Where do you get your physics news and publications?

    My knowledge of good physics news websites is lacking. As of now, I regularly check PF, physicsworld.com, scientific american and NSF but that is it. What I am looking for is a website which basically sorts through publications for me and shows the most interesting physics/math publications...
  19. 1

    Math Publications for an undergraduate?

    I've just started an undergrad maths course in the UK and I'm interested in trying out some maths publications/journals. I've always enjoyed reading science magazines in general (ie. New Scientist, Scientific American) and now that I'm at University I feel now could be a good time to move onto...
  20. K

    When do professors do publications?

    Do they do them only when they make a complete original idea? or can it be anything? I know the question isn't very informative but please be detailed about everything about publications and when and how they publish?
  21. D

    Is it fair that one doesn't get money for publications in journals

    I have raised this question, and got one interesting answer: 'should obama get money for every newspaper story about him?' However, I don't think that's a good analogy. I would personally think writing a book and getting money for it is more analogous to having a paper that you fully wrote on...
  22. F

    Recent publications on plasma turbulence.

    Hey does anyone know where I can access some of these either for free or if my school has a subscription then I can access them on their network. I will be joining a research group soon on the simulation of heat transfer in a tokamak and would like to be up to date with the literature.
  23. E

    Publications on an undergraduate resume

    Hi, I saw a few posts similar to this one but I think my question is slightly different. I'm a second-year CS undergraduate who just coauthored a short paper (2 pages) to a conference that has an average-ish reputation; it's been accepted. I did a significant amount of work for this paper, so...
  24. L

    Scientific publications: Readers reviews and comments

    Hello, I you plan to buy a book on Amazon, you can read comments by previous readers. These comments, together with the book preview, are quite useful. At the least, reviews could decrease the risk of a wrong purchase or of a waste of time. Wouldn't it be useful to also have the...
  25. A

    Is it OK to put a single paper under 'Publications' in a resume?

    Hi, I am a Physics Major, last summer I did a project in a professor's lab the project produced a paper the professor and post-doc put my name in the author section (not first or second) So my question is, is it OK (appropriate) to put the paper under 'Publications' under my resume? I...
  26. M

    Reference for a full list of John von Neumanns publications.

    Hi, I' am wondering If someone knows a reference for a full/complete list of John von Neumanns publications. I have been unable to find one, but something like that should really exist right? thanks for the help in advance Oh and I am not sure whether this is the right subforum, but it...
  27. S_Happens

    Dover Publications Math and Science Discount

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Dover redid their Math and Science section. It's only somewhat aesthetic, but it looks like they're trying to really get it going. Store http://store.doverpublications.com/by-subject-science-and-mathematics.html" They added a "Math and...
  28. D

    How important are publications for grad schol acceptance?

    I was wondering this today. has it almost become necessary to have publications to get into grad school? I was talking to a grad student today who got denied by state schools with a 3.5 or 3.6 GPA, and no publications. I have plenty of research experience but as of yet have no publications. will...
  29. Q

    Undergrad Publication: Pros & Cons to Consider

    it's been said on the lab today that maybe the lab work we're doing (i'm an undergrad, 4th year of physics) could be honed into a publication.. my lab partner was really excited about it, but i had my doubts because i don't know what are the future consequences of doing this. i never trust...
  30. R

    How do you reference simultaneous publications to each other ?

    If i have three or four papers pending publication, review, rejection to another journal etc (a process out my control) and these papers depend on each other for clarification then how do you reference them to each other ? can you reference to a pending publication such as a repository held...
  31. P

    Value of Mediocre Publications

    So I was recently informed by a professor whose lab I worked in that the resulting paper had been published in Physics Review E, with me as second author. I get the impression this is a journal with low to no standards, although no hard evidence to support that. In my opinion the paper itself...
  32. S

    Submitting to Physics Publications: Pros & Cons

    My work is now almost complete and though I have yet to decide if I shall be writing it all up as a book or submit it to physics publications, I'll decide that as I write everything out and polish it up, but my question is, if I decide to go with physics publications is it okay to submit to many...
  33. C

    Refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG

    I thought it would be interesting to start a thread organizing a list of **only** refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG. I suppose this could evolve into a more structured or organized thread? I believe someone asked elsewhere about refereed publications on Loop/Canonical QG. I just include...
  34. N

    Einstein: list of publications

    I stumbled across the following list of Einstein's papers... Somebody asked a related question on this forum recently...and this would help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_scientific_publications_by_Albert_Einstein Is there a better place to post this?? Can it be posted in the...
  35. J

    Best way to organize publications

    Dear friends, I am in my last year of my PhD and I want something that I really should have done a long time ago, I need some kind of database software so I can easily organize and find the many PDF articles that I have on my computer. I know that there are probably several out there I would...
  36. M

    Online libraries - with access to Journal publications

    I am conducting ongoing academic research & am in the process of re-organising my University affiliation. At present, I have no access to a good research library facility, with access to Journal Publications. Would anyone know of university libraries which can be joined by someone who is...
  37. K

    Exploring LQCD: Books, Publications and Advice

    Does anyone here do LQCD? If so do you have any recommendations on books concerning its development and use? Or publications with decent overviews? I'm at the grad level currently, learning gauge theory, qcd/qed/field theory still, but have a decent background in lattice/crystallographic...
  38. P

    Programs Can a Decade Without Publications Impact a PhD Advisor's Role?

    How much of a problem is to have a Phd advisor who hasn't published anything in area/field A for over a decade where A is the field I like to do the Phd in?
  39. T

    Resume Question about Research Experience and Publications

    At this moment I am typing up my resume for an engineering career fair coming up this week. I lost my resume doc from last year, so I have to type it up from scratch and memory. The old one was pretty standard like objective, education, experience etc. I did some volunteer undergrad research...
  40. P

    Publications on the evolution of stars?

    Publications on the evolution of stars? Can anyone suggest a book that goes into detail on the evolution stars? I very much enjoyed as much as was discussed in Kip Thorne's Black Holes book and would like to read more about stars.
  41. A

    Which Physics Publication Do You Subscribe To?

    Do any of you subscribe to any particular physics publication?
  42. arivero

    Ed Witten's Publications Before 1980

    Here are the publications of Ed Witten before 1980. I have used a small typeface for non single author publications. It is very interesting to remark the training of elementary particle theory, and to wonder how many of their "followers" can claim it. Nucl.Phys.B104:445-476,1976. Heavy Quark...
  43. C

    Free Publications Sites: Physics Articles

    Hello, I was curious if there are any other sites similar to arXiv.org that store and allow free access for articles in physics. Thanks. - Alex
  44. H

    Schools Importance of publications for grad school?

    WARNING: Long spiel ahead full of boring personal details. Skip to (***) for the question I have. With the beginning of the Fall term, I'll be in the fourth year of a five year undergraduate program in Engineering Physics in the Engineering school and Philosophy and Mathematics in liberal...
  45. L

    Listing publications on resumes

    I'm not sure where to post this, but here is as good a place as any. I'm an undergrad astrophysics major. I've done some research with professors during the past 2 summers. My name is on 3 papers for professional astronomy/astrophysics journals, one of which I've personally written. Two have...
  46. R

    Sidney Redner's Paper: Impact Factors in Science

    I have just read in a news@nature (http://www.nature.com/news/2004/040726/full/040726-16.html) a column by Phillip Ball on the paper of Sidney Redner (http://xxx.arxiv.org/abs/physics/0407137), who have studied the statistics of citations from all Physical Review journals for the 110-year...
  47. pelastration

    Exploring Strings and Branes in Publications & Pre-Publications

    Hello, I think it's interesting to post here some interesting publications or pre-publication links related to String and Brane. http://arxiv.org/pdf/hep-ph/0306136 Title: On Superplanckian Scattering on the Brane Authors: A.V. Kisselev 3 Transplanckian collision on the brane In the...
  48. K

    My First Publications: J-H C Schonfeldt

    Whoo-hoo! In the eternal words of Homer Simpson...