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Dropped out of school, if I ever want to start again do I have to reveal that?

  1. Dec 11, 2007 #1


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    And send transcripts to whatever new school I'm applying to?

    If I remember correctly, it would be illegal not to mention that you went to a school before applying for a new one.

    Does it matter if it's for a BS or MS? Or if the school you're applying to is an online one, open university type, regular one, or whatever?

    Some places don't care about your background, but those aren't really universities, more like schools that issue certificates for short courses in computer software or hardware, basic IT stuff. If I went to one of those, which I might for a while, do I also have to send them that information?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Most schools don't care if you're starting part-time only.
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    I had around a GPA of ~1.2 from a CC I attended the year after I graduated high school. I went back to school several years later and took 60 hours at another CC which resulted in a GPA of 3.94. I submitted both transcripts when I applied to UTexas' EE program and was accepted. They even paid all of my first semester tuition of ~$4,500.

    I think that most universities are looking for an upward trend and are willing to write off bad (in my case horrendous) grades if they happened toward the beginning of your academic career.

    I would check the admission requirements of the individual universities you wish to attend. I would suppose that most have a policy of requiring that all transcripts be sent in, but I'm far from certain. If the universities you wish to apply to do have this requirement, you then have to decide whether the risk of being caught is worth the potential reward of getting accepted. Remember that if they ever find out that you lied on your admission they can kick your ass straight out the door. I wouldn't be able to sleep with that hung over my head, but you may be less of a worrier than I am.
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    I don't think there's anybody out there who worries more than I do, heh. No way would I be able to do anything, including sleep, if such a thought was always in my mind. :p

    Whenever I'd apply to a school I'll send in everything I have , but I was just curious because I vaguely remember years ago reading on some university's site that it would be illegal not to do that and that there would repercussions beyond being kicked out of school, like never being accepted in another one or something to that extent.
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    At most MS programs I've been checking out if you're accepted and they find out you withheld information, you'll be asked to leave. I don't think they could ensure you'd never be accepted to another school, but if you're asked to leave because of dishonesty I doubt it would help your chances later on.

    It probably is illegal (fraud), but I think the most they could do is kick you out and demand you pay back any aid you may have received.
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    I'm a high school drop out who got a GED and went back to college. Now I'm applying to grad schools in physics. It's never too late to get an education. Always be honest on your applications, you can find a school that will accept you. In fact, use the fact that you dropped out as a strength when you write statements of purpose and things like that. Don't hide it. People love the story of somebody who turned his/her life around.

    PS I did not have to send in my transcripts from high school when I went college, only my GED transcript.
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