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Dual Light Sources in Dual-Slit Experiment?

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    I'm curious if the dual-slit experiment has been performed using multiple light sources. For example, if two photon emitters were used at various distances apart from each other, I wonder if that would affect the interference patterns.

    I'm wondering about this because the distance between the slits is critical. So, by analogy, maybe the distance between photon emiters could be critical too. In other words, the angle of the source light might be related to the interference. Thanks, Albert
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    You could do that, and you could classically calculate what the interference pattern should look like, for whatever angle, position, number of light sources, etc.

    But why? The interesting thing about the double-slit experiment is not the interference pattern in-itself.
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    Yes. My understanding of what’s interesting about the double-slit experiment is not the interference pattern itself but the fact that one and only one light wave can generate an interference pattern without rubbing shoulders with any other light wave but its lonesome self.

    What my question is trying to get at is whether or not information about the light’s location perdures beyond the slits. If the photon is truly interfering only with itself, I’d like to know what that “self” includes. Does it include location information about the source of said photon? -- Thanks,
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