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Duke Eng Grad School;Subtle Signs?

  1. Sep 20, 2007 #1
    Hello everyone,

    In short; I applied to Duke University when I was in highschool in Wales. I was rejected. However, I was accepted at the University of Florida. Now I am Industrial Engineering Major, Senior year.

    I recieved at my house address in Jordan a letter from Duke University; Master of Engineering, Management Program. It was sent on July 23rd, I recieved from Jordan to here in Florida about ten days ago.

    It says in its end: "Join us right after recieving your undergraduate degree and gain the business management skills that will accelerate your career....We look forward to hear from you."

    My Question is: Is there subtle signs that they are really interested? Or its just a search engine generator to attract strong applicants?

    I have very limited knowledge in subtle signs for admissions/applications, I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks in advance,
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    By saying 'really interested' as in the chance to be admitted at the department.
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    Different course have different admissions requirements and these vary year by year depending on demand.
    It is almost certainly a general mail shot but that doesn't say you wouldn't be accepted.
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    Master of Engineering programs at my University are really pushed, they really want students in the major because not many are interested, so you would have a good chance I think of getting into the program.
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    That letter sounds pretty generic. Any idea how Duke got your address in Jordan?
  7. Sep 25, 2007 #6
    Thx mgb_phys, mr_coffee, and oepedia maas for your input;

    I have some questions, please excuse my limited knowledge on this matter, as we are born knowing nothing and we learn during our lifetime;

    mgb_phys; If demands now are in favor of students, i.e. requirements now are below the average requirements for the past couple of years, will it be better if I apply now to thier master program, even I will be graduating in year 2009? Or chances usually are less since I am not a last year 'Senior' yet?

    And to mr_coffee; Do you know any helpful people in the Engineering Department at your uni, Graduate part is a plus, that I amy contact for some details?

    oepedia maas; The last contact with Duke was about 3 years ago, I may have added my home address in Jordan as a contact info, but as I remember I recieved the rejection letter directly at my mail box when I was studying high school in Wales.

    I was thinking the Vice Principle for Academic at my high school may provided some information or so. I havent contacted him since a looong time, it may [?] be odd if after all this time I contact him again for asking about this matter.

    Thanks in advance ppl, I appreciate your time and response,
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