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Dynamic balancing without static balancing

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    static balancing is when the center of gravity is in the axis of rotation.

    dynamic balancing is when the central principal axis of inertia is parallel and coincident with the axis of rotation.

    my question is, even if its theoretically, can you have dynamic balancing without static balancing?

    If you have the center of gravity outside the axis of rotation but still have the central principal axis of rotation on and parallel with the axis of rotation, do you not have dynamic without static balancing?
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    From experience with car tires, it seems that dynamic balancing is always better. If you statically balance the tires then at some certain speeds you'll get a wobbly feeling due to hitting the resonant frequency.
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    Thanks but still doesnt answer my question in a way.

    Can you have dynamic without static
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    The principal axes of inertia pass through the center of mass, by definition.

    So the answer to your original question is no, you can't have the principal axis along the axis of rotation but the center of mass somewhere else.
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