What is Static: Definition and 1000 Discussions

Static is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Milestone Comics founders Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle. Static's first appearance was made in Static #1 (June 1993) in the Modern Age of Comic Books, written by McDuffie and Robert L. Washington III, and illustrated by John Paul Leon. Virgil Ovid Hawkins is a member of a fictional subspecies of humans with superhuman abilities known as metahumans. Not born with his powers, Hawkins' abilities develop after an incident exposes him to a radioactive chemical. This event renders him capable of electromagnetic control and generation.
The character drew much inspiration and was in fact designed to represent a modern-era Spider-Man archetype. After the closing of Milestone Comics, Static was incorporated into the DC Universe and became a member of the Teen Titans. A common misconception is that Hawkins is the son of fellow DC Comics superhero Black Lightning, who debuted much earlier and possesses electrical abilities. Black Lightning addresses the coincidence once in a Justice League narrative.Static has made numerous appearances in other forms of media. The character has been featured in various animated series, including Static Shock, a version of the storyline made slightly more suitable for a younger audience, as well as animated films and video games.

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  1. A

    Volume of Static Solid Using Cross-Sectional Area (Integration)

    Ok, so doing this one direction, with the range of x (0 to 2), I get the top minus the bottom equation of: ## y = 8 - x^3 ## Then, since it's squares, this would make it ##y^2##. So, integrating gives: ## \int_{0}^{2} (8-x^3)^2 = 82.3 ## That seems to be correct. However, I want to make...
  2. A

    Simple Static 3-Particle Model

    Diagram Integrate pressure for each particle: Add normal force and weight Sum all the forces in the x and y direction to get:
  3. Ranku

    I Mass in an expanding or static spherical distribution of matter

    In a spherical distribution of matter - such as with clusters of galaxies - how to calculate how much mass there should be for it to not expand with the expanding universe - in other word, for it to be a bound, static system?
  4. M

    Static vs Kinetic Friction on an Unbanked Ramp

    I used kinetic friction and did mgμ_k=mv^2/r. However, the solution is mgμ_s=mv^2/r. I am confused on why we consider static friction and not kinetic friction, thanks!
  5. A

    Direction of static friction between a vehicle and circular dome

    So the only problem I am having is determining the direction of static friction. I did the same problem but while they were going in a vertical circular motion instead, where the static friction force was in the direction of centripetal force (pointing to the center of the circle). Would it be...
  6. E

    I Solving Spherically Symmetric Static Star Equations of Motion

    Hi guys, I can't seem to be able to get to $$ (\rho + p) \frac {d\Phi} {dr} = - \frac {dp} {dr} $$ from $$T^{\alpha\beta}_{\,\,\,\,;\beta} = 0$$ the only one of these 4 equations (in the case of a spherically symmetric static star) that does not identically vanish is that for ##\alpha=r##...
  7. Kostik

    A Static Gravitational Field: Why Must ##g_{m0} = 0##?

    In Dirac's "General Theory of Relativity", he begins Chap 16, with "Let us consider a static gravitational field and refer it to a static coordinate system. The ##g_{\mu\nu}## are then constant in time, ##g_{\mu\nu,0}=0##. Further, we must have ##g_{m0} = 0, (m=1,2,3)##." It's obvious that...
  8. Steven Ellet

    Understanding and Interpreting Data from Static Electricity Meter Experiments

    My static electricity meter won’t stay zero when I am not moving and when I am electrically grounded. Video: EDIT: Can you see this? shorturl.at/jsGV0
  9. BurpHa

    Static Friction Required to Keep the System from Moving (Two Boxes)

    Ok, logically, it must be that the static friction force of block A equal to the force of gravity on block B, so mass of block A is: m_A * 9.8 * 0.30 = m_B * 9.8 m_A * 2.94 = 2 * 9.8 m_A * 2.94 = 19.6 m_A \approx 6.7 kg. However, when I look at block A individually, there is one thing...
  10. BurpHa

    Static Friction Between a Box and the Floor

    I don't understand part (b) In part (a), I need to calculate the coefficient of the static friction: mg * \mu_static = 35 58.8 * \mu_static = 35 \mu_static = 35 / 58.8 \approx 0.6 So from part (a) I know that the force applied is equal to the static friction, meaning that the box cannot...
  11. P

    Static hydraulic pressure in a pipe

    My Question: Two pipes filled with water and caped at one end, they have the same diameter, but different lengths. One pipe is 10 feet long and the other pipe is 1,000 feet long. At the other end of both pipes a piston applies an equal amount of pressure on the water in the pipes...
  12. bryanso

    B Static Point Charge Should Have Zero Effect

    How can we detect electrical effect of a static point charge at all? I think of a point charge like a sea urchin. With field lines going outwards in all directions (for +ve). So the vector pointing at me directly should be canceled perfectly by the vector going away from me. And so each line...
  13. K

    How do I find the coefficients of static friction and kinetic friction?

    I have found that μstatic= 5.6 (found on graph) / 18.20 = 0.3077 I don't know how to find Force of friction from the graph to calculate μKinetic
  14. G

    Analysis of a Figure to Calculate Force and Moment

    Figure: My attempt at a Solution: $$\overrightarrow{TFD}=TFD\dfrac{(-0,16\widehat{i}+0,11\widehat{j}-0,08\widehat{k})}{0,21}$$ View from above: We calculate ##D##: $$\sigma =90-\arctan \left( \dfrac{0,07}{0,240}\right)=73,74\, \textrm{º}$$ $$d=0,16\cdot \sin (\sigma)=0,1536\, \textrm{m}$$...
  15. tbn032

    B Why is static friction necessary for pure rolling?

    Suppose a cylinder is launched on a horizontal frictional surface such that it has initial translational velocity v and zero angular velocity .the kinetic friction would be applied between the contact points of the cylinder and the surface, opposite to the direction of the translational motion...
  16. P

    B Why doesn't static friction move the other object?

    Consider a block sitting on top of a table. When we push the block rightwards, static friction opposes its motion by acting leftwards on the block. By Newton's 3rd Law, static friction should act rightwards on the table. There is now a net rightwards force on the table. Why doesn't the table...
  17. S

    Raspberry Pi 4 / Debian : Static IP on one SSID and Dynamic on another

    My Raspberry Pi 4 has a GUI widget that is supposed to let us specify WLAN settings on a per-SSID basis, but it doesn't work. (All SSIDs end up with the same setting). Some articles on the net say that one can modify the dhcpd.conf file with an entry headed by the SSID name and then put in...
  18. P

    Static Friction Question — A wood block sliding on a tabletop

    I have no idea how to start this other than that I think that Fn is 17.64N and Fnet is 0. But I don't have the mew, so I am not sure how I am going to get the force of static friction.
  19. Javelin

    A Quantum Properties of Quasi Static Electric Fields

    Assume I could produce a stream of calcium ions from a 2nm diameter nanotube by pushing them through the nanotube using coulomb repulsion. Assuming these coulomb repulsed ions produce a stream of entangled ions which then create a slowly emitting quasi static electric (near) field. Even if...
  20. smiddleton26

    Misc. Expand balloon with static electricity

    The idea is to wrap a balloon in several layers of material, similar to that used in electrostatic adhesion wall climbing robots, and run power through the layers. The electrostatic charge on the layers outside the balloon will build up and the air inside the balloon will begin to become...
  21. NovatoOfPhysica

    Virtual Work and Static Equilibrium

    Hi there, this question has already been discussed in this forum, however I do not know how to proceed further and if my reasoning is correct. I start by imagining a downard displacement of the 1kg weight. As a consequence of this, block A moves upward and to the right. Also, block B moves...
  22. S

    Hospital Air Handler, Discharge Airflow vs. Static Pressure

    We have a new AHU installed for a Compounding Pharmacy. The unit has two return fans and two supply fans. They are installed in parallel and are powered by VFDs. In the event of one fan failing, the other fan is supposed to speed up to maintain static pressure in the clean environment. This...
  23. PaxFinnica96

    Engineering Fluid Dynamics: Proof of the Static Pressure Head equation

    I am trying to mathematically prove the Static Pressure Head equation: H = p/ρg How can I prove this equation and thus determine the nature of the relationship between these variables?
  24. Pouyan

    Interpreting Statistical Questions: Ice Hockey Player Diff.

    The solution in my book: 5/4 = 1.25. That is 25 % more. What I came up with: I thought that now we have totally 9 players. So A: 4/9 and B: 5/9. The difference is 1/9 which is about 11%! A friend told me : The difference between B & A is 5-4=1 The changing rate is (5-4)/5 = 0.2 ! So B has 20...
  25. A

    Force of the wall against the ladder is from static friction?

    A ladder is leaning against a frictionless wall and the floor. The force F of the wall against the ladder is what is opposing static friction f at the floor. I don't understand how the force F causes the ladder to slide to the left on the floor unless opposed by friction force f. See picture below.
  26. T

    Low pressure, high velocity flow vs static pressure

    In this scenario, we have a compressible flow at 0.99 barA pressure and flowing at 300 m/s velocity and is released into 1 barA pressure. Point is, whether the flow can be released at 1 barA or not at the release pressure is higher than the pressure of the compressible fluid inside the tube. And...
  27. bikashdaga

    Static variable in static method - how to use?

    I wanted to declare a local variable inside a static method main(). My code looks like this - class Operator { static int a; public static void input() { Scanner in=new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Enter the number:"); a=in.nextInt(); //this is...
  28. S

    Body forces in static equilibrium (FEM issue)

    Hi, I have an issue with understanding the body forces in the context of FEM simulations. I am using freefem to do the simulations. So I took a simple unit cube, fixed the displacements at side ##x=0## and prescribed a displacement ##u_x = 0.025## at ##x=1##. If required, the entire script is...
  29. A

    I Problem with Static Friction -- Two blocks on a platform

    Hello, everyone. This problem is easy if you assume that the friction between the blocks and the platform is the maximum possible. Then the normal force is 0. But how can you show that the normal is 0 even when the friction is less than maximum? Thank you for your help.
  30. Steven Ellet

    Can Ancient Methods of Grounding Protect Against Static Electricity?

    I know there are straps with grounding wire(s) to protect sensitive equipment. I am trying to avoid being shocked by every doorknob I try to use. Right now I am just walking around barefoot to prevent this but that just leaves my feet cold. I have also tried using a piece of medal to reduce the...
  31. M

    MHB Static or dynamic integrity constraints

    Hey! 😊 Classify the following statements according to static or dynamic integrity constraints, based on the database that is to be created in the thread https://mathhelpboards.com/threads/creating-tables-integrity-constraints.29157/. 1. A customer's discount may not exceed 50 percent. 2. The...
  32. J

    How calculate lift/drag using static pressure taps in wind tunnel test?

    An airfoil section in a wind tunnel has many static ports/holes/taps on its upper and lower surface. These static ports can only read static pressure which acts perpendicularly to the local airfoil surface. In place A are static ports that read a pressure value of relative -100 Pa . This...
  33. N

    Optical vs Static Dielectric Constant for E-field Simulation

    I am just learning about e-field simulations and I came across two different types of dielectric constants: optical and static. I'm unsure which to use and in which cases. I would like to simulate e-field intensity to help ensure I'm always below the dielectrics breakdown strength.
  34. M

    I Transferring static charge from a Wimshurst machine to a foil pipe

    Hi everyone. I am an engineer by trade (don’t hold that against me!) but I was trying an experiment for the latest of my crazy inventions and am missing some key logic in static electricity which I was hoping you could identify. Equipment 1. Wimshurst machine (like...
  35. muna

    Forces on Static Shopping Cart

    Hey guys, help me out a bit here. I want to form 2d static equilibrium equations for a shopping cart. This is for an assignment. I'm kind of confused about the support reactions. I'm not sure how I should analyze the basket. I was going with A as a fixed support (see image) since I'm guessing...
  36. F

    I Can a static EM field consist of photons?

    We can analysis a static EM field into Fourier serie. Then we can consider a static EM field as a superposition of many running EM wave. So why we could not consider static EM field as a superposition of many photons(maybe virtue photons)?
  37. S

    The relationship between angle and static coefficient

    I know you find the static friction of an incline by raising it until it begins to move and then measure the tangent of that angle, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to show a relationship or create a procedure based off that.
  38. vibha_ganji

    B What Happens When The Applied Force Equals the Static Friction Force?

    In my teacher’s notes, it said that when the applied force on an object equals the maximum static frictional force, the object begins to move at constant velocity. My question is if both the applied force and the frictional force cancel as they are equal in magnitude, what force accelerates the...
  39. mncyapntsi

    Banked curves, coefficient of static friction

    The solution in my textbook says that for b, us = 0.234. However when I use the formula above I get 0.2364 which I feel like is too far off. Something must have gone wrong... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
  40. Moara

    Static structure - find a fourth relation

    First, since A and B are articulated, the moments due to A and B are zero. Now, we may call reaction forces in A, ##V_A## and ##H_A## and in the same way, call the reactions in B as ##V_B## and ##H_B##. With that and Newton's third law, I managed to find three equations (equilibrium of...
  41. T

    I Static Electricity -- How best to generate it and use it?

    Hello friends, Was wondering, how would you go about charging an object with a lot of static electricity, and that I could hold. Just like if I had a balloon I just rubbed in my hair but, i don't know, 1000 times stronger... Is that possible, and if so, how could I achieve that ? Thank you...
  42. S

    I Static rotational friction: does diameter matter?

    Imagine a bolted joint with a washer between the bolt and the surface. Assuming the washer is always covered by the bolt head so it's getting a consistent load, does the washer's diameter impact the static friction being imparted on the surface? I see two conflicting ways of viewing this...
  43. A

    I How is static friction the centripetal force during a car turning?

    Hello, as you can see i am trying to understand conceptually how the tires during turning create a centripetal force. It was explained to me that as we turn the car tires, the tires similar to a ski or a wedge, now want to push the ground to the side and forward. If the ground was loose, this...
  44. M

    I Configuring Laws of Motion: Static/Dynamic

    $$\Box A_\alpha +\mu^2 A_\alpha = 2\beta A_\mu \partial_\alpha A^\mu + \frac {4\pi}{c} J_\alpha$$ where ##A=(\Phi, \vec A)## and ##J=(\rho, \vec J)## using a static configuration first where ##α=0## and then a dynamic one where ##α=i## knowing that ##E= - \nabla^2 \Phi - \frac {\partial...