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Homework Help: Dynamics- effect caused be angle, friction

  1. Dec 16, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    With reference to the attached diagram 1, what affect will friction have on the acceleration?

    Below is my solution, but is there something that I can include? and is it explained correctly?:

    "Since friction acts as a force which opposes in this case the sliding motion of the mass M, therefore this will cause a decrease in the acceleration of the mass. "

    And with reference to diagram 2, what affect will friction have on the oscillations?

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    To be strictly accurate, there is another possibility. If the system is given some initial movement which is counter to the (frictionless) acceleration, for as long as the movement is in that direction, friction will increase the magnitude of the (negative) acceleration.
    The only other thing you might say is that it could stop the system entirely.
    What affects do you think it will have on amplitude and frequency?
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    Thanks for the reply. Is there a formula (angular) which I can use to prove that friction slows acceleration?

    I think the amplitude and frequency will decrease.
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