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Earning second undergraudate in physics and going on to Ph.D.

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    I am curious. In college I started out as a physics major but then switched to behavioral science which was the degree I graduated with. I left physics because I did not think I was very good at mathematics but to do this day it bugs me that I quit.

    Is it possible to go back to school to earn a second undergraduate degree full time and then immediately to on to earn a Ph.D. or do I have to earn an MA after my undergraduate degree?

    Thanks for the help
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    I have a degree in international affairs and am now going back to school for another undergrad in physics. Whether or not I have the brains to make it all the way to a PhD remains to be seen, but that is my goal.

    I don't believe that you necessarily need a Master's Degree to continue on to a PhD program. That is my understanding. I'm sure you'll get comments from people far more qualified to offer advice in this arena than I.
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    It's difficult to give any relevant advice and you don't even tell us where you are!

    [Let this be a hint to everyone who intends to seek advice - FILL UP YOUR INFO!]

    If you are in the US, then you may want to read this:


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    I appreciate the advice and the link you referred me to answered my questions. I am currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado and so am looking at CU-Boulder or Wyoming as the schools I would attend. Thanks again.
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