Earth orbits

  1. IN a relatively circular earth orbit, how far away from earth would you have to be in order to avoid collisions?
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  3. berkeman

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    Collisions with what?
  4. sorry, man made objects
  5. berkeman

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    Ah. What do you know about the subject so far? What altitudes are used for the various low-Earth orbits? What altitude is used by geosynchronous satellites?
  6. I should have been more explicit. Circular geosynchronous orbits, 26,000 miles as i understand it, is rarified as far as man made objects. I was wondering how far above earth an object would have to be to have a high likelihood of not colliding with low earth orbit objects and above.
  7. Drakkith

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    To my understanding, once your out of LEO you've passed most of the debris.
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