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Economic physical methods for surface treatment of plastics

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    "economic physical methods" for surface treatment of plastics

    I am a material science student, working on a plastic based composite (reprocessed polyethylene solid form, mixed with cement). Initially, the mechanical strength of composite was lesser, probably because of the poor bond characteristics of plastic with cement.

    So to improve composite’s strength, i used some physical surface treatment methods (surface made rough by abrading with sand paper) on my plastics, so that I can improve its bond characteristics, but i did not get much improvements in strength.

    I can’t go for chemical treatment. Surface treatment methods like “Corona treatment” will be a bit uneconomical for me. Hence, I want to know, are there any alternative "economic physical methods" that can be effectively used for surface treatment of plastics.
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    Re: "economic physical methods" for surface treatment of plastics

    You might try flame treatment (flame polishing) followed by light abrasion. What kind of cement are you using and are you using any additives in the cement?
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