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Edge browser reports my posted link here as unsafe

  1. Aug 25, 2016 #1

    I have a thread about 3D graphics in Programming/Computer science subforum:


    where I post a Dropbox link to an HTML5/Javascript file in post #16. When I run Physics Forum with the Edge browser and attempt to click on the WegGL file the browser tells me:

    "This website has been reported as unsafe".

    Should I not be using this website to post links and if so, can someone suggest a safer website to host my files? I can click on the link with Explorer and Chrome and do not get this warning.
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    hmm when I use Edge I don't get any warning. Are your security settings really tight? Dropbox is likely tagged as an unsafe link because anyone can get an account and upload malicious content.
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    Ok. I did look into it and noticed can set browser to disable checking of websites. Perhaps not a good idea though to use the site especially since I plan to post interactive graphics in a blog I'm creating. Can you recommend a file-hosting site that is safer for me?
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    It is safe for you to use, but at your own risk to download files from other users accounts
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