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Edge predictions related to QG

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    At least one of this year's "big change coming" predictions had to do with quantum gravity. I'd like to collect links to those with some bearing on QG, if there are others.
    The one I just read, which impressed me as reasonably likely to happen and described in a fair amount of detail, was by cosmologist Paul Steinhardt. He seems to be leaning more towards the LQG cyclic picture these days (black hole big bang bounce, instead of brane-clash).
    If you find more, please post links! There are too many replies to the 2009 Edge question for any one person to go thru.:approve:

    Here is the Paul Steinhardt prediction:

    Eventually I went thru the list, realizing that others might not get around to it any time soon. Perhaps I missed some but I could only find one other that either clearly or by some stretch had a bearing on QG:

    Both these essays happened to draw a connection between cosmology and evolution---groping towards a coherent naturalistic cosmo-evo worldview.
    I have to confess to disappointment: only two out of 150, and the sole hard-core QG forecast was the one by Paul Steinhardt---at least that I could find.

    The forecast I found most enjoyable was a short paragraph about kite-surfing included in Garrett Lisi's essay.
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