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Educational Brake Caliper - Suggestions?

  1. Feb 9, 2016 #1
    Hi everyone,

    My project is nearing completion and it will be a 3d printed brake caliper with the intent on it being for education although it may see a lot of use as just a neat desktop item for people.

    Either way, id like to have some documentation and possibly a quiz to accompany the caliper. Documentation would be in line with providing basic drawings and material for folks to properly understand the workings of a caliper.

    The caliper is based on the Wilwood Dynalite Single as seen here, http://www.wilwood.com/Calipers/CaliperList.aspx?subname=Dynalite Single and so some features arent included on the final 3d print such as dust boots.

    Id love to here some feedback folks might have on items I should include in the documentation, areas to focus on for the caliper and if you'd like to share useful links on brake caliper information that would be helpful as well.

    Some photos of the project at the bottom following my current documentation.


    Fluid Passage
    Internal Fluid Passage
    Cross-Over Port
    Bleed Fittings
    Piston Seal (Square Piston Seal - as per Wilwood)
    Piston Retraction
    Piston Bore
    Stainless Steel Deep Cup Pistons
    Brake Pads
    Brake Fluid
    Pad Retainer Clip
    Inlet Fitting
    Caliper Body
    Localized Fluid Boiling
    Fluid Boiling
    Cylinder Bore

    • Brake Bleeder
      • How do they seat, How do they allow fluid passage
    • Piston/Seal
      • What is the function of the Piston
      • What is the function of the Seal
      • How does fluid get to the back of the piston
    • Brake Pads/Retainer/Wear Strips
      • What is the function of a brake pad
      • How are the pads held in place on the caliper
    • Fluid Passages/Feed Line
      • How does fluid pass from side to side
      • Where does the fluid enter and exit
      • Where does the fluid come from

    Here are some photos of the Caliper Project.

    Early CAD work

    Initial print testing

    Adding in the magnets to attach both half's but allow a full break down of the caliper half's.

    Starting to test fit some of the components in the mount side of the caliper
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    Nice work, I think it'll make a good educational/conversation piece.. the magnets are a good idea... did you have a question though?

    You might want to consider brake pads, and show how they're mounted and retained.
  5. Feb 21, 2016 #4
    Shes about done, just got to take a few more photos tonight and roll it out tomorrow :) Those were just some early photos. It does come with the pistons,piston seals, brake pads, retainer clip and all that good stuff :)

    I was just looking for suggestions on what to talk about in the documentation. I think i've about got it all now though.
  6. Feb 29, 2016 #5
    For anyone that is interested, I have completed the design and have made the files available. If you have a 3D printer this may be a project for you.

    Thingiverse - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1362673

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