1. Making STRONG shelves with Topology Optimization

    Making STRONG shelves with Topology Optimization

    A project, that's fun, educational, cool-looking and actually useful! What more could you want? We're making topology-optimized floating shelf brackets today...
  2. E

    Engineering How proficient do i need to be in CAD for a mechanical engineering internship?

    How proficient in cad should someone who is applying for mechanical engineering internship be? I am teaching myself solidworks and i would like to have a benchmark to progress towards so when I began applying for a mechanical engineering internship in the near future i will feel prepared.
  3. S

    New member from ITESM Toluca

    Emphasis in Computational Mechanics I possess knowledge of mathematical bases of models such as FEM, BEM and FDM. For which I have modeled the contact of two vertebrae solving FEM by implementation using Matlab and Python. Implementation for computational acquisition of normal modes of mass...
  4. Robert House

    Any recommendations on free CAD software?

    I am working on a project and need to create several technical drawings of buildings and structures. The technical drawings will consist primarily of floorplans, schematics, and 3D models. Recommendations?
  5. Seth Allen

    Recommendations for an affordable 3D CAD for home use

    Hey! I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm looking for recommendations for a modeling/drafting cad program that is relatively affordable and capable. I have extensive experience with NX and Solidworks, but can't justify paying for either of those to simply use at home. My non-work...
  6. RoboNerd

    How are construction lines used in Autodesk?

    Hi everyone. I know that construction lines were used when drafting was done by hand. Now, we do everything on the computer. So, how are they used on the computer? Also, how are guidelines used in autodesk? Were they not used in manual drafting also? How are they used in computer drafting...
  7. TheQuietOne

    How many people hand-draw schematics anymore? (versus CAD)

    I myself can't use CAD but just wanted to know because I think it is much more fun and artistic. (maybe I'm just the wierd mechanic).
  8. chriswh86

    Educational Brake Caliper - Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, My project is nearing completion and it will be a 3d printed brake caliper with the intent on it being for education although it may see a lot of use as just a neat desktop item for people. Either way, id like to have some documentation and possibly a quiz to accompany the...
  9. M

    ANSYS Mesher face views

    1. Homework Statement I have a part in my ANSYS Mesher that I am attempting to mesh 2. Homework Equations I need to view the interior of my part as seen in the photo. However, each time I try to view my mesh this way, I get the view seen in the second image. I need to fix this issue so that I...
  10. R

    How to communicate 3d CAD with complex surfacing?

    Hello everyone I am sure the answer to this would be on the internet but I can't seem to find much. When we create a complex 3d cad (examples include Aerodynamic Helmet of a cycle biker, computer mouse, exhaust fan blades etc) that includes complex surfacing in cad, how does one communicate...
  11. ecfedele

    Where do CAD questions go?

    Hey folks, Just wondering where the appropriate place to put CAD-related topics on this board would be. To give some context, I was thinking about posting a question about advice on constructing a Francis-vane impeller, so it feels like it falls in the mechanical engineering section; yet it...
  12. jtkpainter

    Sketchup pro or Autocad at k-12

    I am a k-12 digital integration teacher/ technology director. Looking for validation to use sketchup pro 2015 as the primary CAD software for 9-12. Is sketchup sufficient to teach/train students who graduate high school and go to university programs or technical schools or do we need to use...
  13. C

    Is "explicit modeling" strict subset of parametric CAD?

    I am trying to make sense of these articles and . To me this sounds like "if using parametric relations is too complex, let's stop using...
  14. P

    CAD tool test

    I have an interview in next week . Can someone help me with some CAD files for practise inorder to overcome the tooltest.
  15. C

    How TO make a variable 3D metal box

    Hi i want to know how to make a 3D metal box whose length, width, and height i can change. For example, i have a box of 3 m x 3 m x 3 m. i should be able to extend any dimension by a maximum of 1 meter i.e 4 meter (say). I want to use this to store items whose size is unknown, but the limits of...
  16. O

    Free 3D software for calculating force of electromagnet?

    Hello! I need to build an electromagnet for my DIY project. But I have a problem with choosing right configuration. But I have not found any open-source or student-license software for this goal... It would be great if someone could post some links to that kind of software.
  17. C

    Explain geometric constraints solver for CAD to a newbie

    I have seen the following said on a forum: This makes good sense to me. To me, as a programmer, this sounds like he is asking for a better API to look up the coordinate at runtime; perhaps that would force the engine to evaluate expressions in a particular order, but then that's what functional...
  18. Vigardo

    CAD program/s with plain-text scripting language

    Hi experts, What CAD program/s include a plain-text scripting language? Any free? I´m looking for something similar to Ansys´ APDL, but intended to perform boolean operations with simple geometrical shapes (spheres, boxes, cylinders, etc.) and able to generate meshed objects in STL or other 3D...
  19. R

    My way to be a cad drafter which are the best ways?

    Dear Community, am 24 and currently not occupationally active. Was in Austria HTL MÖDLING: Department of Industrial Engineering. However, the last year not completed, as 19 year old teenager I could have interested me more for something else. But yet got jobs but in the field of technical sales...
  20. J

    Base Design

    Hey guys, Im in the middle of a project and need help with the base for it. I have to develop a base for a rectangle 3 feet high by 2 feet wide by 6 inches deep. The front of the rectangle is 1 pound heavier than the back and will stand 2 feet off the ground. The base must be able to make the...
  21. E

    Determine center point of offset circle

    I am working on an algorithm which requires the coordinates for the center point of an offset circle. Dimensions available to find this are shown in the image below and the dimension required is labeled as X: The point at the very left of the arc is a quadrant therefore, the circle center also...