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EE Research Topics? (Undegraduate)

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    EE Research Topics??? (Undegraduate)

    Hello all!

    I've just recently applied for undergraduate student research award, and if I do end up winning I will have to discuss with one or several professors my interests and the possibilities of them having a spot for me within one of their labs.

    The problem is that I'm still just a 2nd/3rd year EE student and I'm not entirely sure what my area of interest is specifically.

    I keep getting asked the same question over and over by my proffesors, what my "interests" are. I have a tough time answering their question because I haven't had the opportunity to really explore any of the fields in which I could/would be conducting research.

    Could someone toss out a few of the major areas of study for EE's and perhaps a brief description?

    Also, any specific ideas for a research topic would also be greatly appreciated.

    Any advice/comments/suggestions that could potentially clear things up would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: I had just done a quick google at my uni's website and managed the find the areas of research in which the department currently participates: applied electromagnetics; atmospheric optics; biomedical engineering; biophotonics; communications engineering; computer architecture and software systems; microelectronics; power apparatus and systems; signal processing; systems engineering and telecommunications.

    Does anyone have any experiences working/doing research in any of these fields they would like to share?
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    Re: EE Research Topics??? (Undegraduate)

    Bump, I'd love to hear from some of the EE's I know we have on this forum ;)
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