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Effect of pH on beetroot cell membrane permeability

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    im meant to design an experiment (at AS level) and perform it to see how the pH can affect beetroot cell membrane permeability. i dont know where to start. anyone have any experiments??

    thanks :biggrin:
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    i need to know the name given to substances that undergo a colour change when exposed to different pH's?
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    I think you need to do your own homework. This is really easy stuff. I mean if you took 5 seconds and even Googled it, you would be much farther ahead then you are here, waiting for people to give you the answers.
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    I'm actually having the do design the same experiment myself! I recommend you get some textbooks and read up about it and google it also.. I will give u some hints.

    The level of pH affects the pigment of the beetroot, the dye in the beetroot (betalain) diffuses out of the cell when the membrane proteins are damaged due to high acidic level of pH.
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    Why don't you start out by telling us what you DO know so far, and what you predict you will find? In other words, start by formulating an hypothesis (we can help you refine it, but you should put the effort into starting it), and then work toward an experiment that will test your hypothesis. Until you show us some effort on your part, we cannot offer any help.
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    there are so various experiments/reports of this investigation easily found on the internet.
    try putting in the effort and do a little research first
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