1. R

    Are there two or three types of membrane proteins?

    Most sources I've read state that there are two types of membrane proteins: integral and peripheral. However, my lecturer has been saying there is a third type: lipid anchoring. Doing a search online, I've found many sources say that there are only two types, whilst others say there are three...
  2. J

    Drum Resonance Physics

    Hello, I have recently picked up drumming and the topic of tuning has peaked my interest. I have gone over numerous sources (academic theses, Wikipedia, HyperPhysics, etc.) trying to piece together what is occurring when drums (right now tom with two heads, batter and resonant, are of most...
  3. P

    Membrane deflection

    Hi, I have a rectangular membrane (material: laminated aluminum like food packaging). The membrane is clamped around perimeter. From one side I have uniform (gas) pressure. The membrane is constrained from another side with rigid plate and, hence, do not deflect. But I can measure force that...
  4. R

    Equation linking superstring vibration with mass?

    Is there an existing equation, or set of equations, that directly links the specific vibration of a superstring filament with the resultant particle mass? A brief explanation of any mathematics would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. S

    Switchable Porosity

    Is it possible to switch the porosity of any microporous material by external stimuli (eg. optical, pressure or electrical ). I'm trying to imagine something akin to an "Artificial Stomata" where the pore opening & closing Can be externally controlled. I'd be very thankful if someone could...
  6. magi

    2D pulse on a membrane?

    Hi. Can you do a computer simulation of a membrane with a standing wave(s)/node(s) with a shape of a cube or cone? It is possible on a string so why not on a membrane. Can you do a computer simulation of a spherical membrane with a standing wave(s)/node(s) with a shape of a cube or cone...