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Homework Help: Einsteins Theory of relativity Equation help

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    For my science fair project I decided to test Einsteins Theory of relativity. Upon searching for hours on the internet I know that I'm supposed to be finding the velocity of a particle. I'm told the equation is the magnetic rigidity times ratio of electrons charge to mass times the square root of the speed of light squared minus velocity squared over the speed of light squared.

    I'm also told that the answer is 2.47 x 10^10 but i have no idea how they came by this answer.

    Please see my attachment for a cleaner version of the equation.

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    What kind of apparatus were you planning on making? What is the goal of your testing, to find the velocity of particle? How will you find that velocity experimentally? In general a relativistic velocity will travel according to the Lorrentz equations.
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    I think you should find another experiment to undertake. Measuring relativistic velocities isn't all that practical for a science fair project!
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