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Elastic and Inelastic neutrons scattering

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    Elastic and Inelastic neutrons scattering..!!

    How I can find the energy lost by the neutron in elastic scattering and inelastic scattering, if we assumed its isotropic scattering in the center of mass?
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    Re: Elastic and Inelastic neutrons scattering..!!

    If its elastic, then conservation of momentum and kinetic energy will give you the result. There is one degree of freedom - the angle after collision.

    For inelastic scattering you need the amount of kinetic energy lost to exciting the target. That is a function of the nuclide and the neutron energy - there is information available.
    http://www.mcs.anl.gov/events/workshops/nprcsafc/Presentations/Oblozinsky afc-1 plenary.pdf
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