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I Neutrons and strong interaction

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    Is there any type interaction between neutron and matter other than strong interaction? When a neutron elastically or inelastically scattered, does the strong interaction still govern the whole process?

    Thank you!
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    Does a neutron undergo electromagnetic interaction, due to having nonzero magnetic momentum?

    Weak interaction is, well, weak compared to electromagnetic interaction... but electromagnetic interaction of a neutron is also weak because of not having an electric monopole charge.

    What is the most important mechanism for elastic scattering between a neutron and an electron (which does not undergo strong interaction) - weak interaction, or electromagnetic interaction?
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    Yes, but the effect is negligible.
    At low energies, both are negligible. At higher energies you get deep inelastic scattering, an interaction of the electron with a quark in the neutron.
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    Yes, there are three more interactions. However, considering the interaction between a neutron and a nucleus, the effect of gravity is negligibly small.
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    Meir Achuz

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    The electromagnetic interactions of neutrons are not negligible. They are important in electron neutron scattering, and proton neutron bremstrahlung.
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