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Elastomer Mechanical Properties

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    Specifically I'm looking for a resource that can provide me with basic material property information for common elastomers such as Neoprene(R) for the purposes of flat gasket joint analysis. Stress/strain curves and other such data would be very helpful.

    I understand that elastomers material properties can vary greatly based on a great many things however common practice is to specify a basic material and a durometer i.e. Neoprene 50-60 durometer Shore A. Is such information enough to get meaningful material property data?
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    I checked the ANSYS materials which has NEOPRENE listed for explicit analysis. The data is more for shock analysis than what I think you need, but just in case.

    Density: 1.439 g cm^-3
    Shock Equation of State Linear
    Gruneisen Coefficient - 1.39
    Parameter C1 - 2785 m s^-1
    Parameter S1 - 1.419
    Parameter Quadratic S2 - 0 s m^-1

    I have never used this stuff, but here is a reference

    just in case it's helpful.
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