What is Mechanical properties: Definition and 25 Discussions

A materials property is an intensive property of some material, i.e., a physical property that does not depend on the amount of the material. These quantitative properties may be used as a metric by which the benefits of one material versus another can be compared, thereby aiding in materials selection.
A property may be a constant or may be a function of one or more independent variables, such as temperature. Materials properties often vary to some degree according to the direction in the material in which they are measured, a condition referred to as anisotropy. Materials properties that relate to different physical phenomena often behave linearly (or approximately so) in a given operating range. Modeling them as linear functions can significantly simplify the differential constitutive equations that are used to describe the property.
Equations describing relevant materials properties are often used to predict the attributes of a system.
The properties are measured by standardized test methods. Many such methods have been documented by their respective user communities and published through the Internet; see ASTM International.

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  1. M

    A Effects of magnetic fields on material (Magnetic resonance)

    Hi, I was wondering if a Magnetic Resonance (+contrast) can in some way modify the structure of artificial chordae used in heart surgery. My first answer would be "No". There ain't any medical article about that. Also (as far as i know) I don't think magnetic field can break chemical bond, so it...
  2. Chrono G. Xay

    Spincoating Mechanical Properties & Fabrication Questions

    1. Can anyone point me toward publicly-available research papers which examine the mechanical properties of spincast membranes, specifically Tensile Strength, Young’s Modulus, and Poisson’s ratio? 2. How doable might it be to spincast a membrane about 0.2m across and 0.076mm tall? What I am...
  3. freddie_mclair

    Extracting mechanical properties from strain-stress plot (real test)

    Hi everyone, recently I was working out an elasto-plastic model to make some residual stress predictions: see it here. Recently I got some real tensile tests results from a lab, therefore I would like to extract a better stress-strain curve to plug into my elasto-plastic model using the...
  4. Dario56

    Why is Material Toughness the Ability to Absorb Energy Before Fracture?

    Toughness is defined as ability of material to absorb energy when deforming before fracture. Materials with high ductility and strength will have high toughness. What is meant by ability of material to absorb energy? What is connection between strength, ductility and ability to absorb energy so...
  5. fluidistic

    I Impact of superconductivity on mechanical properties?

    It is often said that the mechanical properties of metals are mostly due to their free electrons. I'm talking about malleability, ductility and hardness. So, when they suffer a superconductive transition, I expect a drastic change in their mechanical properties, but I haven't found anything on...
  6. Quentin_alex

    Discontinuous yielding in a low alloy steel

    What could prevent the discontinuous yield (upper and lower) points during a tensile test on a low alloy steel A706 grade? Thanks.
  7. I

    Surface Tension, find number of stitches to be made

    Homework Statement The tension in the skin of the left ventricle of heart is 4.90 N/m. A cut is made on the left ventricle during surgery. How many stitches must be used to repair the cut? Each stitch will safely support a tension of 0.4 N. Homework Equations Surface tension = force/length...
  8. A

    A Mechanical properties graphene nanoribbons

    Hi In calculation the mechanical properties of graphene nanoribbons by tight binding methods should band structure graphene calculated by the DFT and tight binding methods fitted to calculate b parameter. In the tight binding methods hopping parameter changes as follow: t'_{ppsigma}=t_{ppsigma}...

    Why Is Longitudinal Strain Zero for a Heated Copper Rod on a Smooth Surface?

    Homework Statement A copper rod of length l_0 at 0 C is placed on a smooth surface.Now the rod is heated up to 100 C.FIND THE LONGITUDINAL STRAIN DEVELOPED ? The Attempt at a Solution What I did : strain = delta l/ l_0 = l_0 alpha(coefficient of linear expansion) delta T/l_0...
  10. A

    Calculate variation in volume using given Poisson's ratio

    Homework Statement : A cylinder is elongated by 2% of its original length. If Poisson's ratio of its material is 0.3. Calculate the percentage variation in volume.[/B]Homework Equations V = πr^2l η= 0.3= Δl/l/Δr/r[/B]The Attempt at a Solution I tried using calculus to differentiate V to find...
  11. A

    Mechanical properties Graphene nanoribbons

    For the calculation uniaxial strain in graphene nanoribbons, Which of the bonds sigma or pi should be considered?
  12. M

    Urgent: Mechanical Properties at High Temp for 9Cr Steel

    Urgent! Mechanical Properties at high temperature At first, My cordial respect to all members. I need help regarding my research study. I read a paper by Yaguchi, M., T. Ogata, and T. Sakai, Creep strength of high chromium steels welded parts under multiaxial stress conditions...
  13. Z

    Mechanical properties of Solids Concept

    When a block of mass M is suspended by a long wire of length L, the elastic potential energy stored is given by 1/2 x Mg x l, where l is the elongation produced. The loss in gravitational potential energy of the mass-earth system is Mgl. I wonder where does the other Mgl/2 go?
  14. T

    Mechanical properties for woods.

    Hi. It is relative easy to find mechanical properties for woods that can be used in building construction. But I would like to find mechanical properties for woods that can be used in bow building. That would be properties for woods such as hard rock maple, yew, bamboo, cocobolo, bolivian...
  15. C

    Mechanical Properties of polymers

    Hello everyone, I've had a hard time finding places where to look up the different mechanical properties of polymers. I am mainly interested in density, young's, bulk, and shear moduli. I would appreciate if anybody can point me out to some good resources. Thank you
  16. U

    Mechanical properties of materials.

    I'm going absolutely nuts over this chapter...ther seem to be millions of terms,which all seem to mean the same thing...could someone help me out?? Okay,the first set of questions I would like to get cleared is... 1. The proportional limit on a stress-strain curve is supposed to be the point...
  17. S

    Mechanical properties of matter problem,

    Mechanical properties of matter problem, urgent! Homework Statement When a beaker partially filled with water is placed on an accurate scale, the scale reads 22g . If a piece of metal with density 3800 kg/m^3 and volume 2,4 cm^3 is suspended by a thin string so that the metal is submerged in...
  18. M

    Mechanical properties of solids questions

    Homework Statement Intermolecular forces are 1- Attractive only 2-Repulsive only 3-Long-range 4-Short-range Homework Equations The 1st and 2nd options are not valid as the nature depends on the distance between the molecules. The Attempt at a Solution The answer given is...
  19. A

    Elastomer Mechanical Properties

    Specifically I'm looking for a resource that can provide me with basic material property information for common elastomers such as Neoprene(R) for the purposes of flat gasket joint analysis. Stress/strain curves and other such data would be very helpful. I understand that elastomers material...
  20. R

    Mechanical Properties of Kevlar in Speakers

    I understand the characteristics of speakers can be improved by weaving kevlar to form a square pattern and that the sound waves are deflected because the angles on the pattern cancel them out. However, i don't see why this has to be kevlar and not any other material which could do the same...
  21. S

    Mechanical properties of solid

    why are pillars and columns and railway lines 'I-shaped'? how is buckling prevented? howis the weight distributed?
  22. D

    Stoneware: Physical & Mechanical Properties

    ı need free article site adresses about physical and mechanical properties of stoneware. thanks for your helping
  23. H

    Kevlar and it's mechanical properties

    hi, I'm making a small site for my coursework on Kevlar, it's uses in defense and it's mechanical properties, I've found that without a textbook or anything like that(our school's physics department is made up by a dep. head, a head of house and a new techer, so we have no head of phys.) it is...
  24. U

    Mechanical properties of Yew wood

    Hi everyone, As part of my AS level physics coursework I’ve decided to produce a report on the physics behind why yew wood was used to create longbows. The problem I’m having is that because yew wood is no longer used in modern engineering so no reference books at my local university library...
  25. S

    Basic Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

    I'm looking for information on the maximum possible strength of SWNTs. What effect do thermodynamically inevitable(over macro scale lengths) lattice faults have on the tensile and compressive strength of the tubes? What effect does tube chirality and diameter have on tensile and compressive...