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Electrical engineer and mechatornics

  1. Oct 12, 2014 #1
    Hi, i am a freshman in engineering school and i want to be a power engineer, but for some reasons i cant join the eletrical engineering major, but i can join the mechatornics major, can i take this major then maybe take grad studies in power systems or do i have to be an electrical engineering major to be qualified?
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    They really are two different fields. With the mechatroics degree you could do some aspects of the power engineering job, but not all of them (and v.v.).

    The idea of getting a graduate power degree might work, but you will be behind the curve.

    I would encourage you to pursue the mechatronics degree anyway. This field has a very bright future at this time, and you may very well find that it suits you to a T.
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    ok , thanks
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