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B Electron arrangement and ionisation energy

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    Why is it easier to remove an electron from p orbital than s orbital. I thought P orbital have higher energy so more energy is require to remove a electron from P orbital.
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    look at the energy level diagram of any atom- the ground state is the lowest one and are usually l=0 i.e. s state -in chemistry people call it orbital.

    higher than s is a p-state ,then d,e,f, etc are placed.
    but atom is a bound state of electron with nucleus - a bound state has its total energy -ve otherwise the electron will be free.
    So the diagram is like a well with energy values rising downward top most is E=0.

    For example H-atom ground s =state is at -13.6 eV so all p,d states will be above this value
    -less negative than the ground so it will be easier to take out an electron from a P-state rather than S-state.

    just like it is easier to pull water from a shallow well rather than a deeper well. so less energy will be required for a p-state electron to get it to E=0 rather than a lower S-state which is deeper.
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