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Homework Help: Electron Proton Collisions and Electron Capture

  1. Jan 7, 2008 #1
    What is the difference between electron capture, and electron-proton collions?

    My textbook has the feynman diagram of electron capture as a proton decaying into a neutron, and the proton emmiting a W+ boson, which is recieved by an electron, which then decays into a neutrino.

    However, the electron proton collision has an electron decaying into a neutrino and the electron emitting a W- boson, which the proton recieves, which decays into a neutron.

    Obviously, rather than proton and neutron, up and down quarks can be used in the above.

    Why is there this difference in the two processes?

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    That's a helluva intro physics class, eh? :)

    Seeing as how I hate particle physics, my answer is probably a bit biased, but I would assume the reason is because IT'S ALL A BUNCH OF BS >_>

    seriously though, I know electron capture is an event that takes place in the nuclei of atoms, so I would wager the electron-proton collision is a similar event that takes place outside the nucleus. Assuming there IS a difference besides the very fundamental one you described
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