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Electrons viewed in real time for the first time ever

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    From the article: This is one of the first direct applications of attosecond pulses, but according to Berkeley researcher Stephen Leone, this is just the tip of the iceberg for what the technology can do.


    Comment on the article: This study seems to suggest that electrons really do float around as traditional particles in rigid patterns. Or is that the necessary effect of observation, with the wave function collapsing into a directly observed particle?

    My question: as we move into attosecond pulses, has the location of the electron only appeared "smeared" because we are using too slow a time span to observe it?
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    As far as I remember, electrons in Rydberg atoms could be observed "in real time" before - you can follow their track with many measurements (of many atoms).
    I don't think so. You have to consider the wave function of the electrons to predict the measurements.
    If you observe the position, each measurement will give some specific position, but that is nothing new.
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