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Elements in sets that are common

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    let A={z|z^6=√3 + i} B=(z|Im(z)>0} and C={z|Re(z)>0} find A∩B∩C
    the part previous to this qn asks me to find the roots of z^6 and ive already down that. but i have no idea how to proceed with this, so do i draw my unit ciorcle with the hexagon and then follow to see what regions satisfies with the other 2? please help
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    Can you show the roots of z^6=sqrt(3)+i? Because if you write them down you just need to decide which ones have Real part positive AND have imaginary part positive. That should not be too hard as w=a+bi has Re(w)>0 iff a>0 and Im(w)>0 iff b>0
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