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Embry-Riddle or ASU for Physics/Astrophyics

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    I used to attend University of California Irvine as a biology major for two years but then decided it wasn't for me and came to Arizona to live with my family and figure out, out of all the choices of career paths I can take, which one is for me!! I have been taking courses at my local community college which feeds into Arizona State University. I've finished Differential equations, calculus I-III, Physics I, some programming, general chem up to organic chem, and am currently in Physics-Electricity and Magnetism.

    I live right by ASU and Embry Riddle is 2 hours away from me. I just got accepted to Embry Riddle for Space Physics degree, and am also accepted to ASU (where I could pursue Physics and minor in Astrophysics). My heart lies with space and physics, so either major would be perfect for me...my problem is, I don't have any idea which school would be better for my future (i.e, getting a great job).

    If anyone could provide any objective information as to which would be the better school, please help me out :D .
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    Also, I forgot to mention that Embry Riddle's space physics major course guidline goes into extremely less depth compared to ASU.

    ASU would have me in 3rd Level quantum mechanics by senior year whereas Embry Riddle barely touches on quantum
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    You didn't consider NAU? They have a ton research going on in astronomy/astrophysics/planetary science. And not just in the department, many of the physics/astronomy majors do research at Lowell Observatory and the astrogeology division at the US Geological Survey. Embry-Riddle has a lack of undergraduate research opportunities as I have heard from the space physics majors there. And tuition is a lot more on top of that. But if it has to be between ASU and Embry-Riddle, I would pick ASU.
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    I'd stick with ASU, given that they are a very large research university and only becoming larger compared to most others in the nation.
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    ASU definitely. As you have stated, the degree at ASU is much more in depth. There are more research opportunities as well and not to mention that ASU is a much cheaper choice. You might also have more options available if you like to do social activities on your free time.
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