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Programs Engineering Physics or Astronautics?

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Hello! I'm currently planning to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where they have a bachelors degree in Engineering Physics with emphasis on space craft systems and instrumentation. The college also has aerospace Engineering with a track in astronautics. I want a career that focuses on space which is why I wanted to go into astrophysics, but I abandoned that career choice because I want to land a job fast and without much competition once I finish college. My next career choice is space craft design which leads to the original question in which this thread is titled. Thank you for your time, and advice!


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In general I would avoid taking anything too specialized as an undergraduate student. On the surface of it both options sound pretty specialized to me. Personally I'd opt for something a little more general and then fill it out with courses you think are interesting and relevant to the field that you want to get into. That leaves a few more doors open in the event that you discover that you don't actually want to work in that field, or if there aren't many places in that field hiring when you graduate and suddenly need a job.

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