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Oregon State VS Arizona State for physics undergrad?

  1. Feb 6, 2016 #1
    I'm an international transfer student applying for UW Madison, Arizona State and Oregon State. My first choice would be Madison, but if I'm not accepted there, I'm going to one of the other two.

    The problem is, I'm not sure which has a better physics program. The rankings put Oregon state higher, but I hear good things about ASU too. Could you guys offer any insight into which college I should consider?
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    Which mascot do you like better? jk! Besides ranking what else do you know about the schools? Madison is a great choice, hope you get accepted!
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    Which rankings?
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    Neither of these schools are significantly better than the other. However, the geography and city life of each is vastly different. ASU is warm year round and in a larger city. OSU sees more rain and is in a rural town: Corvallis. Since the rankings are nearly identical, maybe geography isn't the worst measure?
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