Emergency, Help With Stats Please

I have a problem which I can't figure out how to do. Can you please explain how to do it.

1) Six 6 trees are randomly selected from an orange grove. Assume the median yield in the entire grove is 2.8 boxes per tree. What is the probability that the yields from 4 of the 6 trees will exceed 2.8 boxes?

Which type of distribution would i use to solve this question?


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Which type of distribution would i use to solve this question?
It doesn't matter what the distribution is (assuming the number of trees is large and there aren't a lot of trees tied at 2.8). Just assume that half are above and half below and use the binomial formula.
X ~ Bin (n,p)

n=6, but what does p equal to?
What's the chance something is above the median?
I am guessing 50%?

Also I have another quick question

1. Highway paving material is a mix of asphalt, sand, gypsum, and other ingredients.
Several Abatches@ of paving material are mixed each day. Asphalt content differs from batch to
batch, with a normal distribution that has mean μ=100 lb per ton and standard deviation σ=6 lb
per ton.

a. (15 pts) Sketch a histogram that might represent a sample of 200 batches.

How would I draw a historgram for this? I mean, how would I figure out how many bars I need and what should the width of it be. If he just told me to draw the curve, I would be able to draw it, but how do i draw the histogram. I know the histogram to have a shape of the normal curve, but how many bars and whats the width?

What does it mean by 200 batches?


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Why are you guessing? What is the definition of "median"?

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