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End of the World Cancelled - New Mayan Calendar Found

  1. May 12, 2012 #1
    Apparently this newly discovered mural records larger chunks of time than previously known Mayan Calendars:


    He says, "Here, we're only seeing five units and they're still really big." That's kinda ambiguous, and I wonder if they've worked out exactly how far forward they go.
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    Interesting....but, it also means I have to start thinking about a good future career, than depend on doomsdays! :cry:
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    This http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-18018343 says it runs "7000 years into the future".

    But if this find was older than the others, it doesn't disprove the woo-woo theories, because the Mayans might have corrected their original mistake and then produced shorter calendars :devil:
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    It doesn't seem that would be the case. The difference between this and others we have is:

    If this meta-calendar were wrong, it would suggest the shorter calendars were wrong, because this one ties the cycles of the previously known ones together. It seems to me, anyway.

    Also, this meta-calendar might have been well known to later Mayan scholars, there may have been many documents explaining it, but we can't determine that because the Spaniards destroyed as much of their literature as they could find. This one was buried when they got there, and so escaped.

    At any rate, it proves the Mayans weren't looking for when the world would end, they were trying to tie smaller cycles to larger and larger cycles.
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    This will be bad news for my girlfriend who believes in the Mayan doomsday stuff (it's one of the reasons I like her). When the (previously) appointed day comes and we're all still here, and she's looking around quizzically, then I'll simply shrug my shoulders and announce, "Waitress ... another bowl of chili for the lady, if you please," knowing full well that she will have ample time to savor the dish.
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    My wife believes. She says it must be so since Nostradamus and the Bible predict the exact same thing and anyway the planets are going to align perfectly on that day. It's not easy for me, but I keep my mouth shut. I won't gloat on Dec. 22 either. But to the rest of the world I always say don't bet that the world will end. You'll never collect.
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    As most know by now, the Mayan calendar never did predict the end of the world:


    But I know what you mean about liking your girlfriend because she believes it. In some cases this can be humorously charming. Take the character of Phoebe from Friends. If she became rigorously logical, she'd lose all her appeal.
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    This will have no effect on the fruitcakes at all, they'll just find a way to reinterpret the new data as meaning the world WILL end on <fill in whatever date you like> for sure.
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    Ah yes, the alignment. My girlfried thinks that there will be some sort of accumulation of gravitational forces ... thus possibly precipitating the destruction of humanity, if not Earth. It's at these moments that the suggestion of pizza, or even just a Big Mac, is most effective in diverting her attention. Apparently there's something about the consideration of imminent doom that piques her appetite.
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    I didn't know that, but, anyway, wasn't worried about it.

    Yeah, it's part of her charm.
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    -Review of The End of the World News by Anthony Burgess
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