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EndStyles of Tube fitting Parts

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    Dear All,

    I have received 2D drawings of Tube Fitting Parts. I need to create the model and assign the properties.

    I like to know how to assign the end styles for different Tubing Parts and how to define the connector (tubing) points.

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Are you referring to flared tubing, i.e. 37° flared fittings or beads or compression fittings? It would help f you were more precise with your question. We can't give you information on every design of tube connection. Do you hve a particular design in mind that you are working on?
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    I have 2D drawings of Tube Fitting parts. I need to create 3D model of the Tube fitting parts and add tubing properties for the model(using CATIA V5 software). The 2D drawing doesn't give any information about end styles of the tubing parts (i.e) whether the ends of the tubing parts has to be welded, brazed or threaded etc. Some suggest that based on the profile of the connecting areas of the tubing parts, we can determine the end styles.

    Since I have very less idea in this segment, I am looking for assistance.

    Thanks in advance,
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