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Energy And Momentum Clarification

  1. Jul 22, 2009 #1
    a raw egg is dropped on concrete from a height of 4 metres it breaks, but if it is dropped on a thin sponge it does not break. Why does this happens even though they experience the same impluse?
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    Show your effort. Explain your reasoning.
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    well i think that the time taken for the force to get spread out on the concrete is lesser than the time taker taken for the force to spread out on the sponge, since the sponge takes logner time the egg does not break
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    And why does the fact it takes the impulse longer to be imparted, mean that the egg does not break?
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    because the force is spread apart more evenly, so egg does not break
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    Actually, that probably does contribute to the egg not breaking on the sponge. However, evenness aside, there is another tradeoff in the context of impulse that is also important. You mentioned that the time duration of the impulse on the sponge is longer. What does that imply about the force?
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