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I Energy associated with matter waves of macroscopic objects

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    Consider an object of mass 1kg moving with a speed of 1m/s. Theoretically , the de broglie wavelength associated with it is about 3.6x10-37. Now if we calculate the energy associated with this wave it comes out to be 3x1011. This is a huge amount of energy which could be very hazardous but it is not observed in real life.Why ?
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    An object of 1kg mass (the speed is negligible here) has a huge amount of energy stored within by the E=mC^2 famous formula.
    However you cannot access this energy because this structure is very very stable.
    Only in very extreme scenarios of fusion or fission you will be able to access small amount of this energy (like nuclear bombs or reactors)
    The only way you can get all the energy out of this object is by annihilation it entirely with anti matter, operation which today can be done only in atomic scale.

    P.S. just to have feeling of the energy stored, if you had 1kg of radium-226, by its alpha decay you can heat 1kg of water to boiling point for thousands of years and this is just a fraction of the energy.
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