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Energy of an axisymmetric fluid jet

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    Can someone give me an go ahead of how I can calculate the energy associated with an axis symmetric jet? I have included the schematic of the flow as an attachment.

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    Andy Resnick

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    I'm not sure that's a well-posed problem. At least, I can calculate the (steady state) flow velocity, mass flow rate, and (say) the reaction force on a nozzle, but I don't see how to turn any of those into *the* energy- power, maybe.
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    Thank you for the reply.
    Let me give more details then. A jet similar to the one shown in the figure introduces a shear in a flow field. If we have particle fluid interaction along the edge, I am interested in quantifying the energy generated by the shear of the jet.
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    Well that is a difficult problem. I at first assumed you wanted kinetic energy, which could be accomplished, but to measure the turbulent energy induced in the free shear layer is much more difficult. To my knowledge there isn't an analytical solution to that.

    I suppose you could look at [itex]\Delta KE[/itex] at a given x-location in the jet to get an estimate of how much has been lost to the surroundings, but this certainly isn't perfect.
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