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Energy quantization in schrodinger equation

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    in schrodinger equation(time independent)

    d^2y/dx2= 2m/h^2(V-E)y, V is a function of position coordinate, y is eigenfunction.
    if E>V , y being -ve or +ve it would be a oscillatory function. The allowed energy values are continously distributed. Does this region correspond to classical regime of continous energy values?
    thnks for any rply.
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    The quantum particle you are describing will behave as a free quantum particle, however not necessarily as a classical particle, if that is what you are asking...?

    A quantum particle doesn't exist in any particular eigenstate - it exists in a superposition of all eigenstates... Thus the idea of comparing energy eigenvalues to classical (absolute) energy values seems wrong.

    If, however, the uncertainty in energy (as in the uncertainty principle) becomes negible, we can treat the energy of our particle as an absolute, and thus make an analogy to classical energy...

    - Trolle
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