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Energy released in an explosion

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    Hi All, I'm working on a problem about describing the energy released when a bomb explodes, assuming it releases energy, E, I'm trying to describe the rate at which the radius of the bomb blast wave is expanding. I'm having some difficulty conceiving where to start in connecting the energy released to the radius of the explosion. Thanks in advance for all the help :)
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    I am actually having the same problem.. Could someone please be kind enough to explain a formula which describes a shock wave coming from an explosion of, let's say, TNT?
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    This information is readily available on the Internet. I Googled TNT Shock Wave, and got lots of hits. Many were YouTube videos unfortunately, but some were more techincal in nature. This is one that may help you:


    Since discussions of dangerous activities are not allowed on the PF, I'm going to close this thread. You can find more hits by doing the Google search yourself.
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