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Energy Sharing in Elastic Collisions

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    A stationary object with mass mb is struck head-on by an object with mass ma that is moving initially at speed v0.
    If the collision is elastic, what percentage of the original energy does each object have after the collision?

    I don't know how to find percentage.
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    Is the collision assumed to be perfectly elastic? i.e. is the total kinetic energy assumed to be conserved?
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    kinetic energy conserved
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    There are two principles you can use. Do you know which principles?
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    kinetic energy & momentum
    but how to calculate
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    First I would simplify the notation.
    Why not call the stationary mass M and the other mass m.
    Let m have intial velocity u and let final velocities of m be v and that of M be w.
    Now apply those two principles.
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    conservation of KE: (1/2)mu[itex]^{2}[/itex] = ...
    conservation of linear momentum: mu =...
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