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Energy-time uncertainty principle

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    I feel there are several non-eqivalent interpretations of energy-tme uncertainty principle.It is right?And if so,what are those corrects?In particular one that sees it (the uncertainty energy-time ) as a chance of violate conservation of energy for a time sufficently small.I would be grateful if someone schow my texs or articles on this topic.Thanks.Sergio
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    Thanks for the link, that paper was interesting. I searched the paper for mention of tunneling, but none were found.

    It had always been my understanding that energy-time uncertainty could be used to explain some kinds of quantum tunneling. Is that correct?
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    I believe that energy-time uncertainty is used for explanation of tunneling only in popular books on quantum physics, not in serious scientific texts.
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    In QM tunneling can it even be said that the particle spends any real time inside the barrier? You cannot find it there.
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    Its an unequivocal prediction of the theory - it can be found there if you were to measure it.

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